About Us

We firmly believe that porn is harmful and it can completely destroy one’s life. It causes stress, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, and much more.

In fact, several studies claim that porn addiction is similar to drug addiction.

But still, a lot of people don’t admit this. They don’t accept this fact, simply because they themselves are ADDICTED to porn.

But lately, a lot of people have started to change their mind about porn. They must have experienced the negative side of it. Or they must have realized the fact that this habit is harmful.

Whatever the reason may be, at least they got to the decision to quit porn and want to change their life for better.

And YOU are one of them!

We can see you, we can understand you and we believe in you.

Congratulations! You are special because you took the first step towards a porn-free life.

We believe in people who think that they can quit porn.

And that’s why ManVsFap.com exist. We are a simple blog dedicated to people like you who really want to quit porn and be something in life.

We have been there and we exactly know all the pains.

And most importantly, we know what it takes to be porn-free.

And that’s what we share on this blog. We try to provide effective ways to quit porn and make your life meaningful.

We have a vast range of blogs related to NoFap, porn addiction recovery, useful tools for recovery, and more.

If you have queries about anything that we can cover, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We would love to help you out!