Covenant Eyes Promo Code: FREE 30 Days Trial (Worth $15.99)


Use This Exclusive Promo code to get 30 Days free trial of Covenant Eyes Screen Accountability software worth $15.99 And block porn forever!

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Looking for Covenant Eyes promo code? Want to try the Covenant Eyes for FREE?

Then you have landed on the right page!

Today’s post, I’ll be sharing an EXCLUSIVE promo code which gives you access to 30 days FREE trial of Covenant Eyes Screen Accountability Software worth of $15.99.

This Covenant Eyes promo code will work in any given year so you can use it anytime you want!

Let’s be honest, quitting porn is not easy. You need some serious courage and willpower to break this habit. But the thing that is destroying your courage and willpower is nothing else but – EASY ACCESS TO PORN!

We live in a world of growing internet. Accessing things at your fingertips is been much easier than ever before. It’s just a matter of clicks and you have full access to anything on the web. But that brings a lot of drawbacks.

One of which is easy access to porn. And this is the one which makes you watch porn every single time. Every time you feel that urge, you just fire your device and end up watching porn.

We need to control what we see on the internet otherwise it will lead to a lot of bad consequences. But if you could possibly cut the porn access, you will be able to break this addiction.

That’s when a screen accountability software can help you!

What is Covenant Eyes Screen Accountability Software?

Screen Accountability is a computer program that runs in the background of your device. Every single minute, the program captures a screenshot. Then this image is sent to the algorithm that detects whether the content is pornographic.

If it is, the image is blurred and sent to the person of your choosing. The beauty of this software is that it works via content on the screen rather than browser-based URLs.

This means it won’t slow down your browser, will work through any app, and even will work offline.

There are dozens of screen accountability software in the market but the one I recommend and personally use is Covenant Eyes.

This award-winning software monitors your screen activity and sends a weekly report of it to the person of your choosing.

You can add anyone as a member who can guide you during your hard times. In this way, you’ll be accountable to another person.

And it also does a pretty great job of blocking all sites considered to be pornographic.

Why should you use Covenant Eyes?

Here are a couple of reasons why you must use Covenant Eyes screen accountability software.

  • Completely blocks all porn sites
  • Monitors your screen activity
  • You become restricted to watch porn
  • You become accountable to another person
  • Can be installed on your all devices at no additional cost
  • Even works on your smartphone
  • You can easily break your porn addiction.

How to grab Covenant Eyes promo code and download Covenant Eyes screen accountability for free?


Use This Exclusive Promo code to get 30 Days free trial of Covenant Eyes Screen Accountability software worth $15.99 And block porn forever!

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Step 1: Click on this EXCLUSIVE LINK to grab your first 30 Days of Covenant Eyes for FREE!

Step 2: Now you have to register by entering the username and password of your choice. And then click on Create my account.

Step 3: Then you will be redirected to the page that looks something like this.

Here again, you have to fill a couple of details like email address and phone number. And you have to select a security question and submit its answer. Then just click on add my details button.

Step 4: Now you’ll on the checkout page. As you can see, the promo code is already applied for the signup.

covenant eyes promo code

Step 5: Then you have to fill out the payment details, select the plan that you want to go with, and finally click on Start my membership.

This is how you’ll be able to grab the 30 Days Free trial of Covenant Eyes screen accountability software. You will be not charged for 30 days so you can use it completely free for 30 days.

FAQs About Covenant Eyes and Promo code:

Here are some interesting questions that will definitely solve your doubts about Covenant Eyes and this promo code.

Can Covenant Eyes break my porn addiction?

Yes, this will definitely help you to break porn addiction by breaking porn access. It will monitor your screen activity and will send it to the person of your choosing. This is will make you accountable and restricted which means you’ll be far away from porn.

How does Screen Accountability technology work?

  • It regularly captures screenshots of your devices (Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Windows)
  • It uses advanced artificial intelligence to detect sexual images.
  • It highlights any screenshots that they think may be concerning in a report to your ally.
  • All screenshots are blurred to protect privacy. Suspected sexual content is highly blurred.
  • Members using the Covenant Eyes Filter will be switched over to their new blocking service. Known pornography is automatically blocked, and SafeSearch is locked on major search engines.

What do the Screen Accountability reports look like?

Each report has two compilations of screenshots. Any concerning screenshots are compiled at the top of the report. Below that, a sample of other images (non-concerning ones) are presented to the ally; these are intended to provide a fuller picture of the member’s screen activity. The concerning screenshot is properly blurred so that the ally cannot see it entirely but will get an idea.

Here’s a link to the post on how these reports look like.

How Covenant Eyes is protecting your privacy?

Here is how they protect your privacy:

  • The Covenant Eyes software on your device captures a screenshot.
  • The software looks for explicit content using advanced artificial intelligence.
  • The software shrinks the image, blurs it while still on your device, and sends it to our servers in its blurred state using HTTPS and stored using a 256-bit AES key.
  • Screenshots in the report are blurred to protect the member’s personal information, like credit card and banking statements.

Do you need a credit/debit card for sign up?

Yes, you do need to have a credit or debit card for the payment process. But don’t worry, you will be not charged for 30 days from the signup date. And if for some reason you don’t want to use it anymore, you can cancel your account before 30 days so you’ll be not charged.

covenant eyes promo code

Final Thoughts

Covenant Eyes is the best screen accountability software you find in the market. Not only it simply blocks porn but also monitors your screen activity and sends it to the person of your choosing.

This makes you completely accountable which puts a huge barrier between you and porn. This software will ultimately help you break your porn addiction.

Plus you get an Exclusive promo code of Covenant Eyes been a reader which gives you 30 days of a free trial of their screen accountability software.

You should definitely give a shot to Covenant Eyes and see how it helps you break your porn addiction.

If you have any questions or comments about this promo code or about Covenant Eyes, let me know in the comment section.

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