Covenant Eyes Review (2021): Best Accountability Software?

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In this blog post, I’ll be sharing with guys my honest review of Covenant Eyes. This Covenant Eyes Review is the most detailed review you can find on the internet. 

And I am pretty sure that this will be your last review to read about Covenant Eyes. It will clear all your doubts and queries and will answer the main question – “Should you buy Covenant Eyes?”. 

I’ve been a porn addict for about 6 years and I’ve also been using this software for about One year. 

So in this review, I’ll be sharing with you guys my OWN perspective about Covenant Eyes and how it can protect you or your loved ones from porn addiction.

I’ll be also sharing with you guys all the features of Covenant Eyes and how to get most out of them.  

Now let’s dive right in!

Covenant Eyes Review summary

Covenant Eyes is an overall best Screen accountability software you can find in the market.

Whether you are an individual who is trying to quit porn or a parent who wants to protect their children from porn, Covenant Eyes is made for you.

From our testing, it works perfectly fine and does the job of blocking porn and monitoring screen activity. 

We think it’s worth your consideration as it’s far better than it’s competitors. And the iOS version of Covenant Eyes just works perfect. 

And you don’t even have to pay any money to Covenant Eyes for the first month. Because you can get 100% OFF on your first month using our special promo code:

*You can cancel your membership before 30 Days to avoid getting charged by Covenant Eyes.

What is Covenant Eyes?

Covenant Eyes is a screen accountability software that runs in the background of your device.

Every single minute, the software captures a screenshot which is sent to the algorithm that detects whether the content is pornographic or not.

If it is, the screenshot is blurred for privacy and sent to the person of your choosing by the software. That person can be your friend, partner, parents, or anyone whom you trust the most.

covenant eyes reports

The best part about this software is that it works via content on the screen rather than browser-based URLs. This means it won’t slow down your browser, will work through any app, and even will work offline.

Covenant Eyes also comes with a filtering feature that allows you to block all kinds of pornographic sites.

So whenever you or someone try to access porn, Covenant Eyes displays a message like this:

covenant eyes filter

It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices.

How much does Covenant Eyes cost per month?

covenant eyes price

Covenant Eyes used to have a really confusing pricing system. There were different prices for different packages.

But now they have updated their price to $15.99 a month for the complete service. This includes screen accountability and filtering service which covers up to 10 users and can be installed on unlimited devices.

$15.99/month is definitely not cheap, but it’s reasonable. It’s like an investment that will benefit you in the future and will protect your well-being.

But you don’t have to spend any money for the first month because you can get 100% OFF on your first month using our special promo code:

What Covenant Eyes can do?

1. It can block all porn sites

Filtering is the most useful feature that helps you quit porn. It completely blocks all pornographic sites. This helps you stay away from porn during your NoFap journey.

Covenant Eyes has improved its filtering features a lot than ever before. They have now partnered with CleanBrowsing, a filtering company that aims to provide adult website blocking.

The filtering feature comes with two options – Adult Blocking and Family blocking. You can set it by going to the Web Dashboard>Manage member tab and then clicking on the filtering icon.

covenant eyes review

Adult Blocking blocks all pornographic sites and turn on the safe search. Family Blocking is a more secure option that blocks some mixed-content websites, turns on the safe search, and adds YouTube restricted mode.

You can also block a specific website using the Custom Blocklist feature if you really find yourself getting disturbed on a particular site.

covenant eyes blocklist

2. It can monitor screen activity

Screen Accountability is the main feature of Covenant Eyes. The idea behind screen accountability is to monitor the user’s screen activity and send a report of it to the person of your choosing (accountability partner).

A report is a collection of blurred images that are captured from the member’s device and then sent to the ally through an email.

covenant eyes reports

Being accountable helps you discuss problems with your accountability partner through meaningful conversations. This gives the users the support and friendship they need to quit porn.

It also puts a huge barrier between you and porn that helps a lot if you are doing NoFap.

Another thing I like about Covenant Eyes is that you can install it on unlimited devices. And you can add up to 10 users.

This is useful if you have lots of devices like me and you want to block porn on all those devices.

You and even your more 9 friends can use this software. Or You can add your complete family and protect them from the harm of porn.

To add members, go to the Web Dashboard>Manage Members and then add a member.

covenant eyes member

Use our special promo code to get 100% OFF on your first month of Covenant Eyes subscription:

How does Covenant Eyes work on Android?

covenant eyes android

Covenant Eyes also works on Android and does the same exact job as the Windows and Mac OS version does.

You can download the Covenant Eyes App from Play Store. But to use the app, you must have a Covenant Eyes account which you can get FREE for 30 days using this Exclusive signup link (affiliate link).

Once you successfully signed up, you can start using the Android version of Covenant Eyes. And from my testing and usage, it works fine on Android.

It does a pretty good job of blocking all kinds of pornographic sites. This prevents you from relapsing and watching porn again.

covenant eyes app

Covenant Eyes app requires some system permissions in order to function properly. So you have to grant those permissions.

Once you granted all the required permissions including the connection permission, Covenant Eyes will be able to block porn and monitor your screen activity.

The blocking system works excellent on Android. I have tested it on 100’s of pornographic sites and every time it was able to keep me away from porn. The Safe Search Mode terminates all sexual content results.

It also does a fantastic job of monitoring your screen activity and sending it to your accountability partner.

covenant eyes android review

The only downside that I noticed about Covenant Eyes Android app is that it’s slow and has a lot of bugs here and there. This sometimes makes the overall user-experience bad.

But again, those are things that can be completely fixed by a software update and I hope Covenant Eyes fix them soon

If you’re still not sure about Covenant Eyes, you can use our special promo code to get 30 Days FREE trial and test this software in real life. And if for some reason you don’t find this software useful, you can cancel your membership before 30 days period to avoid getting charged. So you have nothing to lose. 

How does Covenant Eyes work on iPhone?

covenant eyes iphone review

Covenant Eyes works a little differently on iOS devices. Unfortunately, iOS does not allow any app to monitor other apps.

But that does not mean it can’t stop you from watching porn.

In fact, Covenant Eyes works better on iOS devices than Android ones. That’s why it has extremely high ratings on App Store.

To solve this iOS problem, Covenant Eyes developed its own browser which monitors itself BUT blocks porn across ALL iOS apps using domain monitor.

This means porn will be blocked throughout all other apps.

You can test the Covenant Eyes iOS version for free using our special promo code: manvsfap (click on it to auto-apply the promo code).

How Can I stay Most Accountable on iOS devices?

You can disable the Safari browser and use the Covenant Eyes browser as the default browser on your iOS device. This will prevent you from pornographic content while monitoring your screen activity.

What about YouTube?

This is probably the most asked question since YouTube is one of the most visited websites. Although there is no real porn on YouTube, you can still find lots of sexual content on it.

That’s why Covenant Eyes enables Restricted Mode on YouTube to prevent sexual content. This will hide all sexual videos from YouTube giving you a clean experience.

And yes, Covenant Eyes do monitor YouTube and adds it to the report.

Pros and Cons of using Covenant Eyes


  1. Completely blocks all porn sites
  2. Works on all types of devices
  3. Easy to use
  4. Provides comprehensive screen activity report
  5. Excellent customer support
  6. Comes with a massive 30-Days FREE Trial


  1. High priced
  2. Makes your Android device slow

Can I use Covenant Eyes for my family?

Whether you are a NoFapper who is trying to achieve a 90-day strike or a parent who wants to protect their child from online porn, Covenant Eyes is for you.

It is an award-winning company that has helped over a million people and their families. You can add up to 10 members and unlimited devices which means one account should cover your family.

Screen accountability feature helps you monitor the screen activity of your kids. And filtering feature prevents pornographic content.

You can install Covenant Eyes on your kid’s Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Mac Book, and Windows.

FAQs About Covenant Eyes:

Now I will be answering some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Covenant Eyes. This will hopefully clear your doubts regarding this software.

Does Covenant Eyes slow down your computer?

The best part about Covenant Eyes is that it works via content on the screen rather than browser-based URLs. This means it won’t slow your computer, Android phone or iPhone.

Most of the filtering software can slow down your computer speed. But Covenant Eyes uses CleanBrowsing technology to block porn. CleanBrowsing is a filtering technology that is designed not to affect your computer speed in any noticeable way.

Does Covenant Eyes monitor Amazon?

Covenant Eyes monitors everything on the screen. This includes each and every app available on your device. From YouTube to Amazon and pretty much everything.

For the browser, it uses VPN technology to monitor your internet activity.

Does Covenant Eyes work with Incognito?

Yes, Covenant Eyes do work with Incognito Mode. It uses VPN technology to completely block porn sites even if you are in Incognito Mode.

How much is Covenant Eyes a month?

Covenant Eyes costs $15.99 a month for the complete service. This includes up to 10 users and can be installed on unlimited device. 

What is the yearly cost of Covenant Eyes?

The yearly cost of Covenant Eyes is $183.99 in which you get save $7.89.

Can Covenant Eyes block YouTube?

Covenant Eyes enables Restricted Mode for YouTube which hides all the adult content. But you can also block using the Custom Block list feature.

How To Sign up & Install Covenant Eyes on your device?

STEP 1: Click on this EXCLUSIVE sign-up link (30-Day Trial included). It will take you to the sign-up page where you have to create a new username and password for the Covenant Eyes account.

STEP 2: Once you’re done with that, click on Create my account option. Then you have to add some more details.

covenant eyes review

STEP 3: Once you’re done with all the filling process, you’ll be taken to the checkout page. Here you have to fill the payment details, but don’t worry, you’ll be not charged immediately. They will only charge you on the 31st day and you can cancel your membership before that if you want.

STEP 4: Once you successfully signed up, go to the Play Store and download the Covenant Eyes app.

covenant eyes review 2020

For iPhones, you have to download the app from the App Store. And also need to allow some permissions.

covenant eyes iphone review

For Windows and Mac OS, you can download the program from the “My Account” section.

Step 5: Allow the required permissions on your Android device.

covenant eyes android review

Step 6: Then make sure that you turn on the VPN from settings of your Android device.

covenant eyes vpn

That’s it! Covenant Eyes has blocked all the porn sites and also enabled YouTube Restricted Mode.

Now you can’t watch porn on any of your devices.

Here’s the proof:

covenant eyes filter

How Covenant Eyes is protecting your privacy?

Here is how they protect your privacy:

  • The Covenant Eyes software on your device captures a screenshot.
  • The software looks for explicit content using advanced artificial intelligence.
  • The software shrinks the image, blurs it while still on your device, and sends it to our servers in its blurred state using HTTPS and stored using a 256-bit AES key.
  • Screenshots in the report are blurred to protect the member’s personal information, like credit card and banking statements.

Should you really buy Covenant Eyes?

At the end of the day, I definitely recommend Covenant Eyes if you are serious about quitting porn.

It provides one of the best screen accountability services in the market that is far better than its competitor. It puts a huge barrier between the user and porn so it becomes extremely difficult to watch porn.

Yes, there are a lot of cons too!

The Android app is too choppy and the service itself is bit expensive. But at the end of the day, it gets the job done. 

When you take a look at other alternatives like QuStodio, NetNanny and Accountable2you, you will find that Covenant Eyes provides a lot of value even if it’s not a perfect software (I mean no one is perfect right?).

I personally believe that you should give a try to Covenant using their 30-Days Free Trial. In that way, you’ll be able to see how Covenant Eyes works in real life.

And even if you don’t like it, you can cancel your membership anytime you want. So you have nothing to lose.

Anyways, the decision is up to you! But I hope you found my review helpful.

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4 thoughts on “Covenant Eyes Review (2021): Best Accountability Software?”

  1. As someone who has experience with covenant eyes let me inform you of the reality. My husband has been using this software for 4 years now . It was better then but as time has passed each improvement has made it worse and the newest (screen accountability is the worst. It literally catches nothing. And the program itself catches nothing. According to his accountability reports he has been absolutely spotless. Every time in the last couple of years he has had a slip up I have found out from something else ( ex, bank account or phone records) not from convenent eyes. All this software is is a smoke screen that helps enable addicts. I am currently researching other options.

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