The Real Truth About NoFap Attraction

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Man’s greatest motivating force is his desire to please woman!

No matter what a man wants to achieve in his life, his main driving force behind it is to attract a woman. Men who achieve great heights of success, power, and fame do so to satisfy their desire to please women.

Take women out of their lives and success would be useless to most of them. And I think this is relevant to the discussion on NoFap Attraction because most guys do Nofap to (or just to) attract women/girls.

Women’s Attraction can be a huge driving force for guys to start NoFap journey and accomplish something in their life.

But does really NoFap makes attractive to women? And if so when does Attraction start? And most importantly what does happen to NoFap Attraction after relapse?

These are the questions that used to pop in my head when I started my NoFap Journey.

So in this NoFap guide, I hope to answer all of the questions mentioned above with my personal experiences and some real NoFap Attraction Stories.

Now Let’s dive in!

Everyone Is Attractive!

The first thing that you need to understand – EVERYONE IS ATTRACTIVE in their own way. No one can judge your attractiveness.

Beauty comes from a mind, not from external appearance. If you have a positive mindset then you are already an attractive person.

The only thing that is making you unattractive is ADDICTIONS. So if you can plug out all addictions from your life, you can become an attractive person.

As far as the external attractiveness is concerned, it can be improved over time with some efforts.

Does NoFap make you attractive to women?

handsome boy

Yes! NoFap Makes you more attractive to Women.

Here’s how NoFap Female Attraction Works:

Confident Men attract women. Men who can express themselves confidently and make deep eye contact are appealing to women. Women like powerful men too, with whom they can feel secure.

For girls, Personality matters the most! So if you have a confident personality which can make girls happy and feel safe around you, then you can attract any girl in this world

But when you do PMO (Porn, Masturbation & Orgasm), you unknowingly kill your personality. You hide it from girls around you. And you basically lose your all sexual energy.

Porn is actually the main issue. Watching Porn makes you feel guilty and shame. You start to experience that guilt and shame even if you’re in public. It makes you less confident because you constantly think about Sex. And it builds Social Anxiety.

nofap motivation

But when you Do NoFap, you completely stop doing PMO. In that way, you no longer think about Porn, you don’t have any guilt or shame which makes you more confident around girls. And NoFap completely destroys Social Anxiety.

Once you become confident you try to socialize yourself. Socializing means meeting more and more people every day.

NoFap creates personal magnetism that helps you attract women and almost any person. Personal Magnetism is nothing but Sexual Energy. This energy is transferred to others by a hand-shake, the tone of voice, body language, your dressing sense, and the vibration of thoughts.

Sex can create a new form of life. Imagine how powerful Sexual Energy is.

That’s why highly Sexed Humans (with high sexual energy) can attract almost anything in their life. This idea is mention in Think and Grow Rich Book. Must read this book once in your life.

In this Way, Doing NoFap can make you more attractive to Women/Girls

How to gain NoFap Attraction Faster?

The tool that I am about to share with you guys is the one that helped me reach 90+ days on NoFap. And eventually, experience the NoFap attraction benefit much faster.

NoFap attraction is all about sexual energy. The sexual energy that has gifted to you is what makes you magnetic to everyone including girls.

And you simply waste it on meaningless things like porn and masturbation.

You know how it feels after watching porn and masturbating. Low energy and zero desire to do anything. It completely drains your sexual energy.

So to achieve NoFap attraction faster, you need to keep yourself away from porn and masturbation. And basically maintain that energy.

But how do you even keep yourself away from porn in this 21st century where 30% of the internet content is pornographic?

It’s simple! Using screen accountability software.

Screen accountability software is a computer program that runs in the background of your device. It completely blocks all porn sites and monitors your screen activity & sends a weekly report of it to the person of your choosing.

That person can be your friend, mentor, father, mother, siblings, or anyone who can help you during hard times. This kind of software will help you quit porn easily.

There are dozens of screen accountability software in the market, but the one I personally use and recommend is the Covenant Eyes (it’s FREE for 30-Days!).

As I said above, this tool helped me reach 90+ days on NoFap and helped me maintain my sexual energy. That’s the reason why I felt NoFap attraction so earlier.

NoFap Attraction Stories

Now it’s time to share with you guys some real NoFap attraction stories.

People all over the internet have been constantly reporting about NoFap attraction. They noticed a huge difference in the way people behave with them and look at them before and after doing NoFap. They were getting a lot of attraction from girls everywhere.

There are lots of NoFap attraction stories on the internet. But I only listed the best ones. You can find more of them on Reddit or NoFap forum.

Here are some of the real NoFap attraction stories:

1. A strange girl was asking this guy for his number.

2. Another Attraction Story

nofap attraction story

3. Having a positive mindset and doing NoFap made this guy attractive

attraction story

4. One of our reader’s story (you can find it in the comment section below)


My Personal Experience With NoFap Attraction

I have been doing NoFap for like 6 months and since then I have experienced tons of benefits from it. The best NoFap benefit that I have experienced is the attraction that you get from females.

So back in then, before starting NoFap, I used to be a really shy and dull boy. I used to avoid talking to girls not because I didn’t like that, but because I was not that confident.

All my friends used to ask me “Why I don’t talk to girls?”. This question used to hurt me. I used to feel like an alien.

But fortunately, I came across a magical term called ‘NoFap’. It was like the only solution to my problem. That made me realized Porn is building social anxiety in me. It’s making me less confident and less social.

So after doing deep research about NoFap, I decided to give it a shot. I began my NoFap journey in the month of January 2019. And it wasn’t that great at first.

I relapsed on day 7 for the first time. Then it went on and on. I failed a lot of times. Then I discovered a really amazing tool.

This tool literally helped me reach 90+ days on NoFap and build-up that sexual energy.

And guess what? I was experiencing NoFap attraction within only 15 days after I started using that tool. Now wherever I go, girls tend to give a lot of attention to me. A lot of girls look at me multiple times.

And I am even confident enough to look and start a conversation with them.

So basically whenever I enter The GYM, almost all girls give a really nice look. Sometimes, I find this weird because even the most beautiful girls look at multiple times.

Once I was traveling through a bus. There was a really beautiful girl sitting next to me. First, she gazed at me a couple of times. But after some minutes, she literally asked me my name and after that, she offered me a handshake.

I was like WHAT? I couldn’t believe this situation because before doing NoFap, no girl used to talk to me and now this girl actually approached me. But since NoFap gives you that bold confidence, I was able to reply to her and we had a really good conversation throughout the journey.

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When Does NoFap Attraction Start?

nofap motivation

There is no fixed timeline for NoFap Attraction. It depends upon how much you were addicted to Porn and Masturbation.

If you were a heavy masturbator, it may take over a year to start getting attention from girls. But if you were not a heavy masturbator, it may take two or three weeks to experience NoFap attraction.

And even if you didn’t see any result, keep yourself on track. You may be unattractive because you haven’t worked enough on improving your lifestyle. NoFap alone will not make you totally attractive to women.

You need to go to the GYM, take proteins, eat a healthy diet, meditate daily, drink more water and take care of your skin. Doing this will surely make you an attractive person someday.

What is NoFap Law of Attraction?

The NoFap Law of Attraction is the attractive, magnetic power that draws similar energies together. This means doing NoFap will attract the most similar people to you – The people who don’t watch Porn and do Masturbation and have a positive mindset.

I mean, will you find a girl attractive who watch porn, masturbate 6 times a day and have a negative mind?


A girl who is beautiful, positive-minded, social and doesn’t have any kind of addiction.

Obviously, the second the girl. The same is true for girls. They like a man who has complete control over himself. So to attract such girls you need to be like them. That’s the NoFap Law of Attraction.

What Happens to NoFap Attraction After Relapse?

nofap relapse

Your increased attraction is because of doing NoFap. But if you relapse, all the benefits of NoFap like personal magnetism, confidence, and energy will be destroyed within 5 minutes. Again you will have that guilt and shame of relapsing.

And most importantly, you lose all your sexual energy which is basically everything for attracting Women.

So – Yes, Relapsing Will lose all the gained NoFap benefits including female attraction. Just think before you relapse.

Final Words

According to the Law Of Attraction, Sexual energy, real NoFap attraction stories and from my personal experience, NoFap does make you more attractive to women.

Women start to gaze at you more than before doing NoFap. You start to have that sexual magnetic power that can attract almost anyone.

You build a positive mindset which is the number 1 factor for attraction. Quitting Porn makes you more energetic, social and confident. Girls exactly like such guys.

But if you get back to your old day – watching porn and fapping all day long, you won’t able to attract and keep any women.

So just think before you relapse!

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48 thoughts on “The Real Truth About NoFap Attraction”

  1. Hello, i read your bⅼog from time to time and i own ɑ similar
    one and i was just wondering if you gеt
    a lot of spam feedback? If so how do you prevent іt, any
    pluɡin or anything you can adᴠise? I get so much latelʏ
    it’s driving me mad so any help is very much apρrecіated.

  2. Hi i wasnt that addicted to fapping but i started nofap in few days i noticed like girls were attracted to me they looked differently and eye contact were intense even for few seconds. Also one women just wished me out of good morning. Another woman i caught her checking me than she gave smile. Not kidding

  3. I have a question would like masturbating without porn like using your imagination like twice a week or less destroy your attraction?

    • Masturbation is a healthy process if done without porn. But if you are in your initial days of NoFap, then I must suggest not to do any sexual activity. If you do so then it’s going to hurt your process.

  4. You are such an amazing person bro…you describe it perfectly no comment for that..I am on the 12th day of my nofab journey…so I thank u a lot to share ur story with us..its really really inspiring…God Bless U more and more Bro…

    • No, nightfall doesn’t affect your sexual energy and the NoFap progress. It’s a natural way of throwing extra semen out of your body.

  5. After reading your article it looks to me more of a NoFap ad than actually explanation…
    What about wet dreams? Does that effect it? I mean you can’t really control yourself while sleeping and a few days without release can give you that…
    If your a heavy meat brater it could take 1 year to built attraction? Seriously… A year without sex or ejaculating?
    Is it really NoFap as a system/routine that builts the attraction OR is it the idea that it will built attraction that actually works?
    Explain the theory behind it…
    Is it really all that testosterone built up that makes you more attractive OR the fact that you want to release so badly that you actually go and talk to the girl?

    • First of all, I don’t get paid for promoting or writing about NoFap. I am not a part of the NoFap organization. I am just a guy on the internet. All the information that I provide on this site is from my own experience and from a lot of research on the internet.
      Talking about wet dreams during NoFap, they are completely normal and will not affect your progress. It’s something that you can’t control. But it’s natural and safe. It’s a sign of recovery. So don’t worry about it because it won’t affect anything.
      NoFap attraction is all about sexual energy. Sexual energy is what makes your magnetic. That energy is felt by others through your voice, handshake, smile, and body language.
      But most guys simply waste this energy on meaningless things like porn and masturbation. These things completely drain their sexual energy and make them no so magnetic.
      Sexual energy is the most powerful energy one can have. Not only it helps you attract women but it also helps you achieve almost anything in life.

  6. Very inspiring. I have read this article many times. I had a hard mode streak from June to December last year. Five months… l relapsed as my life was getting stuck in many probs and situations l felt l was just going crazy. Now lm back on the god track and soon will start feeling many of the benefits. All l can say is -as you say- it is all based in my own experience… And from that experience l say it is a trip that will change you forever. I would say every man outhere should give it a go during a minimum period of one month. This would make the world a better place to be. Thanks for your blog, man.

  7. Bro , I too had a best experience . The reason for my Nofap journey was severe acne . I heard that watching porn and doing masturbation literally drains your required proteins , vitamins , etc. from your body which makes your skin weak and dull resulting in zero recovery for acne’s and at last boom .
    I started it in 2018 . My first streak was about 1 month . I can’t believe that I did it in first try because I was really concerned about my skin conditions and was willing to do the best for it . After 1 month my acne started fading away . Day by day my skin was getting better . Pimples were gone . The dark spots started getting lighter and scars were healing .
    Once my skin was fully recovered , I thought let me try once for a last time . And I relapsed , which was the worst decision I have chosen in my life . Then what ? Again my bay days was waving hiiii to me . My skin started getting worse , my confidence was zero , my fitness was shrinking , my hair loss was at a high peak ( literally got bald ) , no friends , no girlfriends , parents started hating me , everybody founded an wrong thing in me .
    It was a tough time though .
    Then I tried and tried and tried for a whole fucking 2 years 2018 – 2019 – 2020 . But I was not able to make it for more than 20 days .
    At last my inner soul was continuously suggesting me that you are a real worthy and you can do it . You are real fucking person . You can do more things than just Nofap .
    Then from 1st January to 31st January 2020 I did my second 1 month streak and I was very happy and was dedicated towards my future changes from Nofap .
    I build a very sexy and ripped physique in just 3 months which was from January 2020 to March 2020 .
    Each and every boy in my college was asking tips regarding fitness .
    My close friends including girls used to say me that my friend was asking about you and was impressed with your physique , personality , attitude and many more things which attracted them from me .
    Once I flexed my biceps in the corridor of my college because boys were more interestes in my physique than girls . As I flexed everybody was surprised that how this dumb boy changed a lot . They even told me , that if boys are getting attracted towards your personality and physique then what about girls ?
    I was so happy that Nofap is really a life changing step . Guys , please dont fap it justs making you a weak men . Everybody justs get attracted towards you after you Nofap streak . Do it for a while I guarantee that this will be worth it .
    I have lots of more stories than attraction .
    But for now this much is enough .
    Thank you .

    • That was epic! I really liked your story. I’ll soon feature it above in the success story section. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your experience.

  8. After completing no fap and the rebooting how often would you recommend someone have sex for to keep the attraction.
    Can I have sex after completing the no fap challenge and keep my energy high or will I lose it all after sex?

  9. can you please tell me how much is considered heavy masturbator and light masturbator because i now on day 19 of nofap and want to know when will i get nofap attraction.

  10. I was alone all my life(27) Started NoFap on jan. 2019.
    Now 2020. Married and still attracting other females.
    NoFap gives you a real superpowers.

  11. 1 month ago i was at the pool. At the time I was 7 days on noFap. I’ve notice that lots of girls keep staring at me. So I decided to stare at them back and I had over 10 eye contacts with many girls. Seeing that many girls are watching me I tried to adapt a “bad boy” walk and doing different jumps in the pool. There was a beautiful girl at the bar and I kinda was acting like a “bad boy” and she was shy and couldn’t keep an eye contact longer than 1 second. I don’t know if that happened because of the NoFap attraction or if she was just a shy girl

  12. 30 days in 8 hours. Yes, women look at me a lot. For someone who was not a magnet to people is always a nice surprise when you see a lady insistently looking at you. Other gals look at me when walking in the street and l just dont get used to it. In my case all this started like 5 days ago. Besides that there are other benefits but this one is the more obvious and the one that offers you more fun.

  13. I recently had a 2 weeks streak, since then I could only reach 2/3 days and relapsed afterwards. However after reading this I feel like I’ve got the motivation to push myself.

  14. Hello, I have a couple of questions

    First of all, is this satire? I honestly can’t tell.
    Does nofap have any benefits for women? (By nofap I mean abstaining from masturbation, fapping is physically impossible for females)
    If so, would I attract women or men? Do I get to choose which one? I’d rather not have a dozen ripped, testosterone filled hunks staring at me from across the bar, but a dozen big tittied women would be a dream come true.
    On a similar note, if a gay man participated in nofap, would he attract unwanted women or hot dudes?

    I am very interested, so I’d love to hear your input!

  15. I have been doing NoFap challenge for last 54days without any relapse but I don’t know, suddenly now I just feel I’ll do relapse bucause now I feel anxiety, tension and also stress ,then I search why it’s happening and finally I got this article and fully read . It’s really really good and same time I motivated myself. Thank you so much .

  16. what a surprise, another great article lolol thanks for all the comments. great to feel like im not alone in this place. something that’s important is to keep your health as something that you are striving for—- esp your genital health. get a hold of it by using a layer of Man1 Man Oil daily- you’ll be smooth, hydrated and smelling great.

  17. Guys……However you shave your pubic hair, be forewarned that “razor burn is coming” (insert Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell voice). I would highly recommend using a penis health creme to increase your likelihood of retaining that hydrated smooth feeling that comes directly after shaving. We all want to be soft and supple down there, not to mention healthy and clean. Use a penis care product!!!!!!

  18. Guys, todays my 30th day of NOFAP.
    All the things about nofap is TRUE & REAL!
    Aint kidding bro… ITS FOKIN GREAT!!!!!!
    Everyday I wake up, I feel relaxed, energetic, CONFIDENT. Plus Im socially active and positive in convos. I didn’t really expected that I could achieve this sorta superpowers.
    Honestly speaking, Im getting in love with myself
    The one who’s reading my comment,
    I LOVE YOU & I hope you get the steering wheel of yourself. btw, HAVE A NICE DAY YALL

  19. Ok, well this is a great post. What a surprise from manvsfap. totally. fyi- start using a lotion called Man1 Man Oil. It is loaded with vitamins and proteins that lead to better function and stronger erections. Keep in mind that the member is an organ and needs these things to stay healthy. Good luck friends.

  20. very interesting. I think that everyone should understand the importance of genital health, especially moisturization. there is really nothing better than knowing your privates are looking and feeling good. totally nothing better. would highly recommend getting a bottle of man1 man oil if you want to look and feel good.


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