17 Life-Changing NoFap Benefits That will Blow your Mind!

nofap benefits
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I have been practicing NoFap since Jan 3, 2019.

Throughout this period, I have witnessed tons of life-changing NoFap benefits.

Today I can proudly say that this was the best decision of my life. It transformed my life and made me a better person.

However, most people are very skeptical about quitting porn because they think it’s completely normal and healthy.

Today in this post, I want to prove such people wrong and want to encourage guys like you to take NoFap challenge.

That’s why I have compiled together a list of 17 Life-Changing Benefits of NoFap that I experienced during my own journey.

So, it’s not going to be any random post from some sort of health publication which is trying to gain visitors by misleading guys like you about NoFap.

Each benefit listed in this post has some personal experience and logical reason. So it’s not going to be any fluff.

By the end of this post, you will have enough courage and willpower to start your very own NoFap journey.

So, let’s dive right in!

  1. Rock-Solid Confidence
  2. Endless Motivation and Willpower
  3. You become a Productive Monster
  4. Boost in Testosterone Levels
  5. Legit Libido
  6. Renewed Interest in little things
  7. No More Erectile Dysfunction
  8. Crystal Clear Thinking
  9. Kills Premature Ejaculation
  10. Do Better in GYM
  11. Women Start to Notice you More
  12. Attract Wealth
  13. Hair Growth Increases
  14. No More Stressful Thoughts.
  15. Self Control becomes stronger
  16. Increase Optimism
  17. Saves a lot of time

Before I bombard you with all the benefits of NoFap, let’s discuss some of the most asked questions about porn and NoFap.

Is Porn Bad for you?

As I mentioned above, many people are very skeptical about quitting porn. They literally laugh when some say “watching porn is bad for health”.

I can’t blame them because they are socially conditioned that way. But I can provide you with some data and facts so that you will think twice before watching porn.

Porn has tons of negative impacts on your brain, health, and wellbeing.

It changes the structure of your brain similar to what heroin does.

Here’s the scientific proof:

PORN EFFECT ON BRAINImages courtesy of Dr. Lawrence V. Tucker, PLLC, Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and appearing in the Conquer Series.

Some other side effects include erectile dysfunction, relationship problems, social anxiety, lack of confidence, depression, and more.

You can read this article about why porn is so harmful and destructive.

How long does it take to see and feel the NoFap benefits?

This is the most asked question by the guys who are about to start their NoFap journey.

Now, the NoFap benefits timeline is not the same for everyone. And there are some benefits that you might experience a bit late or early.

But most of the timeline and benefits are common to everyone.

So you will start to experience the NoFap benefits from day 7. And you may even experience some of them after 90 days.

What are the Benefits of NoFap?

1. Rock-Solid Confidence


This was the main reason why I started NoFap mainly because I was introverted and less confident in social situations.

I used to avoid social conversation, avoid talking to girls, and even avoided going to the GYM, parties, get-togethers, meetings, and all sorts of social events.

Just because I was not confident enough to handle such situations.

So I decided to take control of this situation by implementing NoFap in my lifestyle.

Right after day 9, I started to feel the confidence in me. I was talking to the people without any hesitation and facing social situations without any fear.

All thanks to “A World Without Porn” eBook which taught me how to control your mind when you’ve the strongest porn cravings, how to set environment that is porn free and how to stay off porn for longer periods. 

I was confident mainly because I had no thoughts of porn and sex in my head while I was talking to the people. PMO(Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm) also decrease your interest in social events.

But when you quit PMO, you develop rock-solid confidence and you start to take interest in social events.

This helped me express myself more clearly and confidently.

I highly recommend “A World Without Porn” eBook if you are serious about quitting porn and gaining all the NoFap benefits.

2. Endless Motivation and Willpower

nofap benefits motivation

A lot of porn addicts constantly report about the loss of motivation and will power in their life. This is because porn and masturbation have completely messed up their dopamine reward system.

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter which is something that gives you the desire to seek for potential rewards. For instance, dopamine can cause you to crave for a certain dessert or cause you to level up when playing a video game.

It even helps you to get motivated to do a particular work.

There have even been scientific studies where dopamine receptors of rats were turned off.

And the results were shocking!

The rats became lazy and as a result, they died of starvation even when food was provided for them. This is because they had no desire to motivate themselves to eat the food as dopamine receptors were turned off.

Sexual stimulation is the most dopamine inducing activity one can naturally experience. While watching porn, your dopamine level rises to around 200% of what is normal.

This completely messes you dopamine reward system leading to no motivation and willpower to do anything. But as you take NoFap challenge and abstain from porn and masturbation, your dopamine reward system starts to heal itself.

Once it’s back to normal, you feel endless motivation and willpower to do things and achieve something life.

3. You become a Productive Monster

nofap benefits

Porn addiction consists of endless hours of watching porn. Even when you are not watching porn, you still think a lot about it.

This occupies a huge chunk of your work time making you less efficient & productive throughout the day.

But just imagine if you could save these hours and spent it on your work, personal development or anything that is making you better.

You could achieve a lot!

NoFap has made me more productive and efficient than ever before. Now, I finish whatever task comes in my hands in time without any procrastination.

This helped me build ManVsfap.com and also improve myself.

Yes, the NoFap journey is not that easy and staying off porn is hard. But I was fortunate enough to find this eBook called “A World Without Porn“.

This eBook taught me 10-minutes neuro-science technique that helped me crush porn and masturbation addiction completely.

It was the best investment ($9.99) of my life that freed me from porn trap and opened the doors of self-mastery.

I recommend this eBook from the bottom of my heart because it’s something that helped me break my worst addiction and made my life a lot better.  

4. Boost in Testosterone Levels

nofap benefits

An increase in testosterone level is the first thing that happens when you abstain from masturbation.

According to this famous Chinese study, testosterone level increases up to 145.7% by day 7 of abstaining from masturbation. And if you know, testosterone is the most vital hormone for man. It’s what makes you a real man.

More testosterone means more muscle, more energy, less fat, better libido and more.

Several guys on the NoFap Reddit community have reported fat losses after quitting masturbation which clearly indicates an increase in testosterone level.

I felt a huge difference before and after taking the NoFap challenge in my testosterone level. I was able to lift heavyweight in the GYM and do more physical work throughout the day.

And do you know that in boxing sports, Boxers are not allowed to masturbate or do any kind of ejaculation before a match comes up?

Because a loss of testosterone means loss of energy and power.

5. Legit Libido

nofap libido

When you abstain from porn and masturbation, you go through a period called Flatline. This is the period when you will experience low libido(sexual drive) simply because your brain is healing itself. This period usually occurs depending upon your addiction level.

But once you successfully pass this period, you will have a real libido which can be controlled by you.

This makes sex more enjoyable. You will have a legit erection and your partner will be happy with you.

I experienced this benefit after day 25. I was able to get hard within seconds and this felt a lot enjoyable.

Some may even experience this benefit after 90 days. This depends on how much you were addicted to PMO. For instance, this guy felt extremely high libido after 90 days.

6. Renewed Interest in little things

nofap happy

When you stop fapping, you start to enjoy little things. This happens because you no longer need high dopamine stimulations. Dopamine is a chemical that gives you happiness.

When you watch porn and masturbate, a large amount of dopamine is released into your brain. This is what gives you artificial happiness and makes you addicted to it.

That’s why you don’t find joy and happiness in doing little things. You just like watching porn and masturbating because that’s more rewarding.

But when you do NoFap, you completely eliminate that dopamine stimulation. So now your brain is not addicted to high reward and finds interest in little things.

Things like painting, singing, dancing, watching videos, walking, exercising, hanging out with friends and eating food becomes more interesting.

7. No More Erectile Dysfunction

nofap ed

Excessive porn and masturbation is the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction. Most guys join NoFap mainly because they suffer from this problem.

Erectile Dysfunction usually happens to the men who are over 65+ in age. But these days, this problem can happen to anyone who is addicted to porn and masturbation.

Erectile Dysfunction is basically when you can’t get hard around an actual woman. This usually happens when you watch too much porn and do a lot of ejaculations.

This is a serious problem and you may have it if you continue to watch porn on a daily basis.

But when you implement NoFap in your life, Erectile Dysfunction starts to disappear. You start to feel normal and get a natural erection.

8. Crystal Clear Thinking

nofap clear thinking

Clear thinking is crucial when it comes to becoming successful in life. It helps you take better decisions in life and finds the purpose of life.

Porn and masturbation make your brain lazy. You think less and unclear. You have no vision and don’t know what to do next.

This happens because your brain gets too much dopamine than needed. Excessive dopamine can mess up your entire thought process and make it slow.

Giving porn and masturbation a stop can prevent you from brain fog. You will have a crystal clear thinking.

I used to have a lot of brain fog before joining NoFap. But right after joining NoFap, I started to have a vision, clear thinking, and focused thoughts.

This helped me take better decisions in my life and work efficiently.

9. Kills Premature Ejaculation

nofap benefits

Premature Ejaculation is another sexual problem that you may come across if you watch porn a lot.

Premature Ejaculation is when you ejaculate in a very short time. This creates dissatisfaction between you and your partner.

Again, a lot of ejaculation and orgasm is the reason behind it. This problem can cause a lot of stress for you because it’s a matter of sexuality.

But NoFap can cure your premature ejaculation and make you last longer in bed.

I personally felt a huge difference before and after doing NoFap in terms of my ejaculation.

10. Do Better in GYM

nofap gym

As I mentioned above, testosterone automatically increases if you stop ejaculating. And testosterone is one of the most important male hormones.

It makes your bones stronger, strengthens your muscle and gives you an energy boost. This is what helps you in the GYM or while working out.

You start to lift more weight, do more cardio, and overall your strength increases. And even if you don’t exercise, which I don’t recommend, you still get more energy and strength to do things.

Exercise is the best thing to do during your NoFap days. It helps you distract yourself from porn and improves your health.

11. Women Start to Notice you More

nofap attraction

NoFap preserves sexual energy!

Sexual energy is everything in life. It has the power to create a new life. It has the power to almost attract anything in life. It can be the most motivating factor.

With sexual energy, you feel magnetic and more energetic. This energy is felt to others by your voice, handshake, face, and by your vibes.

This is how women start to notice you more. Women feel the positive energy in you. The attitude of women towards you change.

I personally felt amazing about NoFap Attraction. Girls in my college started to notice me more. Some of them even tried to open a conversation with me.

I have written an entire article on NoFap Women Attraction if you want to read more about it.

12. Attract Wealth

nofap wealth

You might find this benefit a little bit odd and will question: what NoFap has to do with wealth?

The answer is again – sexual energy.

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy a human can have. Not only it attracts women, but almost anything you want.

With this energy, you get the maximum potential to achieve your dream. Plus, NoFap saves a lot of time.

This gives you the ability to start a business, learn a new skill or anything that attracts wealth in life. The importance of sexual energy in attracting wealth is mentioned in Think and Grow Rich Book.

NoFap helped me preserve my sexual energy and use it for focusing on my business and gradually earn some wealth.

13. Hair Growth Increases

nofap hair growth

This is one of the most controversial NoFap benefits. Some people have experienced it and others haven’t.

But for me, I did experience stronger hair and less hair fall after doing NoFap. Some studies claim that masturbation increases the amount of DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) in free circulation.

And if you know, DHT is the main factor for hair loss in adult males. So yes, masturbation does cause hair loss and giving it a break can result in hair growth.

Your hairs become stronger and you might be able to stop the hair loss.

You can read more about hair growth during NoFap in this article.

14. No More Stressful Thoughts.

Stress is a by-product of dissatisfaction. And you know the reason behind your dissatisfaction. It’s mainly because of more porn, masturbation, and orgasm.

Every time you do PMO, you feel shame and guilt. You feel something missing in your life. That’s called dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction creates a lot of stress in life.

Porn creates a lot of problems in your relationship, health, financial situation, social life and more.

This makes your life extremely stressful. But if you give up porn, you start to become less stressful and start to enjoy your life.

I used to be extremely stressful during my porn addiction. I used to be insecure about my life, health, and career.

But as I switched to NoFap, the stress started to fade away. It made my life happy and easy.

The most important key factor for my NoFap success is “A World Without Porn” eBook. 

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read in my life. This eBook taught me tons of great tips and strategies that helped me quit porn forever.

It comes with various bonuses like NoFap Diet Plan, NoFap habit planner and tracker, Custom Made Journal and a lot more

15. Self Control becomes stronger

nofap self control

During your NoFap journey, you will experience extreme sexual urges and flatling.

Flatline is the stage of NoFap when you will experience Zero libido (Sexual Desire) and will start to see all the negative sides of NoFap. This simply means No Sexual Desire OR Urges for a specific amount of time that’s because your brain is going through a rewiring process.

But flatline is just a stage of NoFap and it will pass away after a certain amount of time. And once you pass this stage, your self-control will become stronger than ever before.

You will able to have more control over yourself. This will help you in various areas of life. And will help you beat any kind of addiction.

NoFap made my self-control stronger. Now I have the ability to control myself in any situation.

16. Increase Optimism


Optimism is another important aspect of life. It helps you do almost anything that you wished to do. It creates a positive feeling about the work that you are willing to do.

It gives you the ability to finish your work. It makes you more productive and efficient.

Feeling optimistic in life is a good thing because it helps you achieve success. You do things better and always finish them.

With this benefit, I do my work on time and always finish what I started to work on. This helped me grow my YouTube Channel and start this blog.

17. Saves a lot of time


The average porn session lasts about 30 mins. The average man watches porn twice a week. This occupies 240 mins of watching porn in a single month and 48 hrs in a single year.

Now imagine how much time you spend on porn every day. Some of you may even watch it for like 1-2 hrs in a day.

This is how porn is destroying your time. You can do a lot of things in that time instead of wasting it. You can do exercise, read books, meditate, give time to your hobby, study, focus on business and anything that you wished to do.

Time is like money. So be careful while wasting it.

Quitting porn and starting NoFap saves a lot of time. You turn your porn session into a self-improvement session.

NoFap helped me save my time and now I do a lot of productive things in that time.


The most life-changing transformation one can make today is NoFap. It’s the best way to quit porn and make your life better. It gives you tons of life-changing benefits.

All the NoFap benefits that people claim online are real. I highly recommend NoFap if you have sexual problems or you are not satisfied with your life.

It will help you find the purpose of your life. So just start your NoFap journey right from this moment.

Best Of Luck 🙂

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32 thoughts on “17 Life-Changing NoFap Benefits That will Blow your Mind!”

      • Beautiful article bro !!
        I have also started NoFap😊
        I was preparing for Competitive Exams for a log time and Working hard..However because of masturbation and porn I somehow never had Confidence that i am gonna crack it….
        Gradually I am becoming more and more Confident..My attention and Focus is increasing…
        I will make more and more of my friends aware of this
        I wish I had started this sooner😊💐💐

  1. I am feeling low tired weak angry some irritating also feel like crying after 90 days of no fap, Pls tell how long it will continue.

    • I think you are in the flatline period. For some guys, flatline lasts longer. It may last something around 3-6 months.

      It depends upon your age and how much you were addicted to Porn and Masturbation. During your flatline period, you should take some natural supplements, read books, and do daily exercise. It will speed up your recovery.

      But if you are seriously not feeling well, you should consult a doctor. That might help you.

      • So recently i tried to have sex with my partner and couldn’t get it up. I’m 19 and i’ve been addicted to porn since i was 12, will nofap for sure cure that?

        • NoFap has helped a lot of guys like you. I am pretty sure it will help you too. But if you are going through serious sexual problems, you should consult a doctor. That will better help you.

    • Hi Shubham,
      I recommend you to start routine exercise. It will surely solve the problem of feeling low and normalise your anger.
      Get good amount of sleep daily and eat right and healthy food. It will make you more energetic and confident.
      Trust me it works on the problem your are facing.

  2. I am confused…. I am 18 and thought I shall give it a try…. Although no sort of porn Or masturbation addiction…
    Videos once or twice a month… Jerking everyday… Only once. But then i thought I shall stop it.. Longest streak was 26 days but i had somehow relapsed..
    Browsed through lot of nofap benefits articles like yours and found it very interesting.
    It’s been 7 days. And i am on this journey again….
    But also I have come across a few small articles claiming that these antisex idiots promote totally fake things… (Which I personally don’t feel true because million of people have shared their benefit experience). So my genuine question…..
    IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?? (I admit I am only a teenager and max. benefits are shared by adults….. Worldwide.. But still!)




      Aakash Dubey,

  3. Every word is correct, be like this without motivating to untrue things.

    I hope masturbation is also wrong, right ?

  4. It is nice but on the other hand also frightening where are the all your readers from.
    It means that they somehow sought and found your website because they are battling the very same devious enemy – porn and consequently fapping habit/addiction. Evidently, this enemy is not dependent on culture or continent or borders, he just enslaves people because of very deep reasons and desires we all know acrosse the globe. May we all fighting find peace and freedom (and also human love).

    • Porn is the problem to humanity and not to a specific country or religion. You can find people struggling with porn in almost every part of the world. That’s why we all should take the initiative of not watching porn. Because at the end of the day, it’s harmful and destructive. It will make you worse.
      In fact, not watching porn and masturbating gives you bunch of benefits like listed above. So just begin your NoFap journey without any hesitation and eliminate your bad habits.

  5. Great article- thanks. I’m definitely all about recommending products that work- and one is Man1 Man Oil. Great for hydration and moisturization below the belt. Cheers.

  6. Great work ManVsFap
    I want everyone to understand one thing if you want to continue with this journey…don’t nofap in order to be happy nofap is a lifestyle! Just like you brush daily nofap should be a habit not a fight… YOU WON’T WASTE YOUR WILLPOWER THIS WAY AND THIS IS THE KEY FOR MOVING FORWARD. 😀

  7. Really nice and informative article. If you don’t mind, i wanna ask where are you from? I’m indian, and by your writing style, i get the idea that you are indian too. Are you?

  8. I saw sexual content for like 5to 10 minute….. It was not porn not any nudity ,but sexual content like sounds and acting and all…. Should I start from beginning or not I am feeling guilty and feeling like all the powers are gone… It has been 34 days I think it is a flat line but don’t know could you help.

  9. I saw sexual content for like 5to 10 minute….. It was not porn not any nudity ,but sexual content like sounds and acting and all…. Should I start from beginning or not I am feeling guilty and feeling like all the powers are gone… It has been 34 days I think it is a flat line but don’t know could you help.


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