What is NoFap Edging and Why you need to Stop it?

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I know you were edging 2 minutes ago……….

Or you are about to edge but need some online approvals before doing it.

You really want to do it but your inner voice is stopping you.

And if that’s true, then I must stop you. Because I have gone through this situation and I exactly know what is NoFap edging all about.

I also used to feel the same when I was addicted to edging. And now that I am free from edging and PMO, it’s my responsibility to make you guys aware of NoFap edging.

Edging during NoFap is probably the most controversial thing. A lot of people think that edging is completely fine if done without orgasm.

If you think the same way then you must read this post. Today, I’ll be exactly sharing with guys what is edging, can you edge during NoFap, and if no then how do you stop it.

I’ll also be sharing with you guys how you can recover from edging if you’ve already engaged in it.

So let’s dive right in!

nofap edging

What is NoFap Edging?

Edging is the stimulation of your genitals with or without watching porn but not reaching the point of orgasm.

In simple words, edging is when you try to watch porn or masturbate but stop just before an orgasm. It’s like entertaining yourself with porn and masturbation but not letting yourself bust.

By definition, edging may seem a fine thing to do, but the reality is completely different. It may seem like you are not relapsing or ruining your NoFap process, but it’s far dangerous than what you think.

Is it Okay to Edge during NoFap?

can you edge during nofap

This is probably the most asked question about edging. And frankly speaking, a large number of people think that it’s completely fine to edge during NoFap strikes.

They believe that unless and until you avoid orgasm, edging is entirely fine. However, this is impractical.

The idea of edging during NoFap is completely illogical. It’s literally like hitting on your own foot.

Practically, edging does more harm than an ordinary PMO session or relapse. It destroys all your NoFap progress and even makes you worse.

So it’s definitely not okay to edge during NoFap. You will lose all the NoFap benefits and slow down your rewiring process.

Plus, edging makes it extremely difficult for you to get back on track after a relapse.

In the next section, I’ll be sharing with you guys why edging is so harmful during NoFap?

Why edging is so harmful during NoFap?

The sole purpose of NoFap is to abstain from porn and masturbation for a certain amount of time. When you do that, your brain starts to rewire itself and tries to get back to the natural condition.

This process is known as Rewiring. Throughout this process, your brain goes through a lot of changes.

You start to feel the benefits of NoFap and feel more energized and focused. You also feel lots of urges throughout your NoFap journey.

You also feel a lot of withdrawal symptoms also known as NoFap Flatline.  But eventually, your brain gets better.

Now when you indulge yourself into edging, the entire meaning of NoFap changes. You’re literally forgetting the basic principles of NoFap and making NoFap works against you.

Edging is not NoFap. If you think that edging is fine, then you need to rethink about NoFap.

nofap edging

First of all, edging is the practice simulating your brain using porn. You basically allow yourself to watch porn without thinking about how long you’re going to watch it. Like giving yourself no limit.

Now when you watch porn, small but constant amounts of dopamine are released into your brain. Since dopamine releases slowly, you don’t get satisfied quickly.

Your brain keeps demanding more dopamine and you end up spending like an hour plus on just watching porn.

If you guys know about orgasm, it’s the thing that releases the most dopamine and satisfies you the most while performing PMO.

And it’s the thing that at least stops you after a certain amount of time.

But when you avoid it, you’re naturally going to watch porn for a longer period simply because your brain is not going to get satisfied quickly.

For instance, the average porn session lasts something around 5-15 minutes. Here I am talking about an ordinary porn session which also includes an orgasm.

When you compare it with edging, the differences are huge. For example, an average edging session lasts around 30-60 minutes and even more for some people.

That is releasing way more dopamine than an ordinary PMO session. This means you are doing more harm to your brain. In fact, you are ruining your NoFap progress.

Edging is completely against the principle of NoFap and it’s notably dangerous.

What edging does to your brain?

Let’s talk about the effects of edging on your brain specifically.

Edging is not that simple what it seems to be.

When you quit porn, your brain starts to break the old addictive pathways. These addictive pathways are responsible for your porn addiction.

As you make progress in your NoFap journey, these pathways get weaker and weaker until it completely vanishes.

But when you engage yourself into edging, these addictive pathways start to reopen. That’s when your porn addiction gets back or even gets stronger than before.

The main goal of quitting porn is to give your brain a break and let it heal itself. It starts to rewire itself and breaks all the addictive pathways. This process is known as rewiring or rebooting.

But if you are spoiling this process using edging, your brain will never heal and rewire itself. And you will be not able to enjoy all those amazing benefits of NoFap.

By edging, you’re feeding your brain a lot of dopamine and making it extremely addictive to porn.

So keep that in mind.

Does edging releases dopamine?

Absolutely, YES! In fact, edging releases far more dopamine than a usual relapse.

As edging lasts longer, it releases small but constant hits of dopamine which in the end sum up into a large proportion.

And since there is no orgasm involved, there is no real end. You don’t know when you’re going to stop.

You just keep consuming porn and never really get satisfied and hence never end the session quickly. This obviously increases the time spent on porn and dopamine released into your brain.

Plus, you’re surely going to relapse one day. You may not relapse on day 1 or day 2 but you will certainly relapse on day 3-4.

And once you do, it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to get back on track. The end of the edging is worse.

Edging is like giving a bottle of alcohol to an alcoholic who is trying to quit alcohol. No pun intended 🙂

Does edging count as a relapse?

The answer is fairly complicated, but I’ll try my best to answer this query.

As you guys know, edging is an act of watching porn or masturbating but stopping just before an orgasm. So, technically, edging doesn’t count as a relapse because you are not performing a full-blown PMO.

However, I personally believe that edging is far worse than an ordinary relapse. And it does more harm than anything else.

Plus, it’s something that will surely lead you to a relapse. Maybe not immediately but definitely after 3-4 days.

My simple answer is – NO, edging is not considered as a relapse. But that doesn’t mean edging is safe. In fact, it’s the worst way to ruin your NoFap progress.

So don’t engage yourself in the act of edging.

How to STOP edging during NoFap?

As always, there are definitely solutions to every problem. Now I am going to talk about the solution of edging – How you can STOP edging during NoFap and have a meaningful journey.

1. Don’t reset your NoFap tracker

nofap tracker

This tip may not be a solution but it definitely helps. As we have discussed, edging is not considered as a relapse technically. However, it’s definitely far worse than an ordinary relapse.

But that doesn’t mean you should take it as a complete relapse and reset your NoFap tracker entirely.

When you find yourself on day 0, your mindset tends to shift from growing to beginner.

Your mind starts to generate negative thoughts like:

“It’s been only a few days, you can always take a break, it won’t hurt much”.

Or something like…..

“It so long to go, I just can’t make there”.

Such thoughts are pretty much common when you find yourself in the early days. Those early days are the hardest to overcome.

And frankly speaking, it just a mindset thing. It only happens when you feel like you are a beginner. But you can always trick your brain the other way around.

And the solution to this problem is simple – Just don’t reset your NoFap tracker.

You don’t have to necessarily reset the tracker because it won’t help. It will put you in a beginner mentality and will decrease your faith in NoFap.

The best thing you can do is just let the tracker be up and running and continue your NoFap journey.

This will provide you an unnoticeable motivation and energy to continue your progress and get back on track quickly.

2. Stand up and walk away

stand up nofap edging

This is one of the most powerful techniques I’ve ever shared on this blog. This is the technique I use all the time whenever I feel like watching porn.

So the technique is pretty simple and straight forward.

Whenever you feel like watching porn or even a lustful thought, just stand up, leave whatever you were doing, and walk away.

If you were using your computer or mobile phone then just leave it and walk away to a different location.

The moment you feel like watching porn, horney, lustful or feel like quitting, just stand up and walk away. This single technique is powerful enough to save you from a relapse or edging.

Just make sure you don’t use your phone or computer for at least 15 minutes.

When you implement this technique, you’re basically shifting your mind from a negative thought to something neutral. This way, you’re breaking the addiction cycle and preventing yourself from the loop of edging.

I am pretty sure that this technique will work for you. It’s extremely powerful when it comes to breaking your porn addiction.

3. Take cold showers

nofap urges

The cold shower is one of the mightiest weapons you can use against sexual urges. It’s also called “The Urge Killer”.

It’s like an emergency button that can be used in any situation to avoid a relapse.

And I can proudly say that it can even help you if you’ve already started edging and think that there’s no way to get out of this situation.

So it’s pretty straight forward.

Whenever you feel that extreme urge to watch porn, just go to the bathroom and take a cold shower. Just make sure the water is freezing cold.

Basically, when you take a cold shower, your body gets a mild shock. This shock vibrates your entire body and makes your brain extremely alert.

You get out of that fapping mentality and start to think practically. You also get out of the comfort zone which makes you highly productive.

An then you don’t feel a need to fap rather you start to focus on much healthier habits.

I highly recommend cold showers if you feel like you’re stuck into edging and you really want to get out. This is the best way to recover from edging.

Check out the benefits of cold showers through this infographic.

4. Spend time on your hobbies


As a human being, you have millions of things to do rather than wasting your time on nasty things like porn.

And it’s really important to engage yourself in some sort of healthy activity so that it distracts you from porn.

Plus doing something instead of just watching porn will give you those natural hits of dopamine. This will keep you engaged and happy throughout your hard times.

And as I said, there are millions of things you can do other than watching porn.

You can start reading books, you can exercise, you can eat, you can paint, you can dance, you can sing and you can do literally anything you want.

But it should be healthy and it should improve your life in some way. I used to read a lot of books during my NoFap strike which kept me away from edging.

If you are struggling to come up with a new hobby or thing to do, here’s a list of 75 hobbies for men.


No matter how, when, and how much you do it, edging is going to be always dangerous. It will surely release more dopamine than an ordinary relapse and will do more harm than anything else.

The best thing to do is never engage yourself in any form of edging.

Just simply say NO to edging.

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