NoFap Hard Mode: Gain All the NoFap Benefits 10x Faster!

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The most life-changing transformation one can make today is NoFap. Not only it helps you quit porn & masturbation, but it also makes you an overall better person.

For instance, NoFap makes you more attractive to women, boosts your testosterone level, makes you more productive, increases your confidence, you start to feel better, and more.

But not all the benefits of NoFap are going to appear on Day 1 or even Day 10.

It takes serious time and a lot of patience to experience those benefits. Some of the benefits may even take 3-6 months.

But what if I told you that you can gain all those NoFap benefits 10 times faster?

Yes, you heard that right. And you can do that with NoFap hard mode!

But I have to tell this from the beginning – NoFap Hard Mode is not easy. It’s something that needs honest disciple and strong self-control but the efforts that you put in are well worth it.

So today in this post, I will walk you through each aspect of hard mode, why it’s better than the easy mode, benefits, and more.

And also at the end of this post, I’ll share with you guys the most effective and actionable strategies to reach 90+ days on NoFap hard mode.

Let’s dive right in.

What is NoFap Hard Mode?

NoFap hard mode, also known as the Monk mode, is a practice of abstaining from all sorts of ejaculation. It is exactly similar to Semen Retention. In this mode, you have to completely give up all sorts of ejaculations whether that be sex, masturbation, or orgasm. Not only you have to abstain from ejaculation but you also have to completely give up porn.

What are the rules for NoFap Hard Mode?

There are some rules to be followed if you want to gain the benefits of NoFap hard mode.

The rules are as follows:

  1. No Porn
  2. No peeking at any kind of erotic images
  3. No Masturbatio(even without porn)
  4. No Orgasm
  5. No Sex
  6. No lusting
  7. Have to follow all the above rules for at least 90 days.

Is NoFap Hard Mode right for me?

confusedNoFap hard mode is not made for everyone. And whether or not to go with hard mode, completely depends upon you and your addiction level.

I would recommend the hard mode to someone who is just starting out and is seriously addicted to porn or sex. The person who can’t carry out simple daily tasks without being distracted by the thought of sex should definitely take this mode.

It will help you build the foundation that is needed for a porn-free life. And if you are really serious about NoFap and its benefits, then you must try the hard mode as you can gain all the benefits 10 times faster.

Plus, it speeds up your recovery process since you completely abstain from sexual stimulations.

You can ask yourself questions like:

  • Is porn or sex stopping me from achieving my life goal?
  • Have I accomplished my goals?
  • Do I even have goals?
  • Is sex everything I need in life?

If the above questions made you think a lot, then you might have to try the hard mode.

How long should I do NoFap hard mode?

It completely depends on you. I recommend it doing at least 90 days and then continue with the easy mode.

You can have sex if you want after 90 days because it has some health and mental benefits. The main idea behind NoFap hard mode is not to completely give up sex for the entire life but to break the addiction associated with it.

Doing hard mode even for 90 days will build a strong foundation that is needed for a porn-free life and will speed up your recovery.

Benefits of NoFap Hard Mode


The benefits that you are going to get from NoFap hard mode are insane. Not only it will speed up your recovery process, but also it will give you a lot of amazing benefits.

It will make your life way better than it was before taking this challenge.

So here’s a list of all the amazing NoFap hard mode benefits:

  1. You reap all easy mode benefits 10 times faster
  2. Women go crazy behind you
  3. You start to take things more serious in life
  4. You wake up early in the morning even before the alarm clock goes on
  5. Your testosterone level gets to the highest potential level
  6. You can overcome NoFap flatline extremely fast
  7. More muscle

Sex isn’t Everything

Sexual energy is one of the greatest forms of energy. Everything in life is about sex from building wealth to gaining status. And most of the things in life are motivated by the desire to have sexual power.

But this doesn’t mean that you should do sex all the time. In fact, that’s going to waste all your sexual energy and not going to satisfy you in any way.

No matter how much you do, it’s not going to be enough at any point. Every time you’ll feel a need to do more. And this cycle never ends.

That’s why you need to stop wasting your sexual energy through physical expressions and channel it for achieving your goals.

So if you ever felt a lack of will power, there’s a good chance that your sexual energy is leaking out via too much of sex, masturbation, or orgasm.

In the next section, I will be sharing with you guys how to stop wasting that sexual energy and start channeling it in the right direction.

How to Reach 90+ Days on NoFap Hard Mode?


Now I’ll be sharing with you guys the most effective and actional strategies to reach 90+ days on NoFap hard mode.

In fact, these are the exact strategies that helped me reach 130+ days on hard mode and kick porn out of my life.

So I have broken the 90 days journey into 3 phases to make it more understandable.

Phase 1(0-30 Days)

This is the most important phase of the whole journey and probably the most difficult one. You may relapse multiple time during this phase but don’t worry, just follow the strategies given below:

1. Install a Blocking System

Blocking porn is the most necessary step that you need to take if you want to reach 90 days on hard mode. A blocking system can help you with that.

A blocking system is a software or app which can be installed on your device that blocks all pornographic sites. It makes sure that you don’t access any porn.

So whenever you visit any porn site, it will show you something like this:

Later you can ask one of your friends to change the password of that software and not to tell. So even if you wished to disable it, you won’t be able to do it in any possible way.

This makes it extremely easy for anyone to reach 90 days on hard mode and quit porn forever!

So how do you block porn?

You can do that with Covenant Eyes which is an award-winning software. This is the tool that helped me reach 90+ days on NoFap.

It’s basically software that completely blocks all porn sites and makes you accountable to someone. You can read more about it in this detailed review.

2. Change your environment


The environment around you plays an important role in your relapse. If you are alone at home, you’re more likely to watch porn and relapse.

So make sure you don’t stay alone in your room or house for the first 30 days. You can do that by socializing yourself or simply going out for a walk.

Another thing you want to do is to make some changes in the environment around you. So, like move your computer to a different location where you can’t watch porn. Make your room less isolated by opening the windows, doors, and putting on some more lights.

You can stick some motivation posters on the wall. You can also change your routine to prevent the addiction loop.

The blocking system mentioned above with proper changes in the environment around you will definitely help you reach 90+ days on hard mode.

3. Use Cold Shower like an emergency button

nofap urges

Taking a cold shower whenever you feel that extreme urge is the best thing to prevent a relapse. And not only it saves you from relapsing but also takes you out of your comfort zone.

A cold shower gives your body a little shock that brings you into a real state of mind.

I can’t even imagine how many times a cold shower saved me from relapsing. It’s a completely magical feeling and its benefits are astonishing.

I highly recommend a cold shower to anyone struggling with extreme urges to watch porn and masturbate.

4. Do Meditation

nofap meditation

Meditation is a great habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts towards a positive outlet. This helps your brain heal faster from the damage caused by porn.

Meditation makes me happy, focused, less depressed and now I don’t feel any need of watching porn naturally.

This helped me reach 130+ days on NoFap hard mode.

I know, it’s difficult to meditate at first. But it’s worth learning and doing.

Phase 2(30-60 days)

If you made it to this phase, you are doing pretty good. Most of the people don’t even reach day 10 on hard mode. But if you follow all the strategies mentioned above, you should be able to reach this phase and furthermore.

Now the chances of relapsing in this phase in less, but still don’t take it for granted. I have seen hundreds of people relapsing during this phase too.

Mainly because they don’t have any purpose in life. They just fap!

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?”Steve Jobs

So I’ll quickly share with you guys some strategies and tips to tackle this phase.

1. Find your life’s purpose

life's purpose

Porn addiction is a sign that you are distracted from your life’s purpose. And it’s important to find the purpose of life because if you not, you’ll struggle to get out of your porn addiction and will relapse soon.

You need to be clear and precise about your life’s purpose so that you have a reason to move away from porn.

How to Find and be Clear about the purpose of your life?

Step 1: Identify your purpose. Just think about the things which you love doing and can be turned into a career.

Step 2: Write down that goal on a piece of paper. Be clear while writing. For instance, if your goal is to make a lot of money in life, describe how much money you actually want. This is just an example but your goal can be anything.

Step 3: Now write down a precise plan to achieve that desired purpose and when you want to achieve it.

Step 4: Read what you wrote on that piece of paper aloud each day before you go to the bed, and when you wake up in the morning.

These steps are mentioned in the Think and Grow Rich Book by Napoleon Hill in a very in-depth manner. I highly recommend this book if you want to read about wealth creation and sexual transmutation.

2. Replace porn with a new good hobby

If you honestly want to quit porn and reach 90+ days on hard mode, you must find a new hobby. A new hobby can be replaced with your old bad habit to keep yourself engage while also giving you the natural dopamine rewards.

You know yourself & your hobbies better than anyone else. Just think about the things that you love to do and at the same time make you a better person.

Identify your hobby and stick with it. This will prevent you from thinking of porn and eventually will avoid relapses.

For instance, you can start going to the gym, start running, painting, reading books, eating food, going out for a movie or you can start your own business, and pretty much anything.

I used to read a lot of books during my NoFap hard mode days. One of the best books that I’ve read during my NoFap journey is “A World Without Porn” by Frank Daemon.

There are thousands of hobbies out there and you can pick anyone unless it’s good. Just keep yourself engaged in that hobby to prevent relapsing.

Recently I picked programming as my new hobby and I completely immersed myself in it. It helped engage myself in some sort of activity and distract myself from porn.

Phase 3(60-90 days)

This is the last phase of your 90 days journey. This will be the easiest phase and you’ll not have too many troubles. But still, you need to take one last action in this phase.

1. Socialize yourself


Socializing is the foundation on which human societies are based. Not only it decides your happiness, but also your existence.

Socializing keeps you away from all types of addictions, helps you stay happy, improves your mental health, and more. That’s why you should go out and start socializing with people like your friends, family members, co-employee, or anyone close to you.

And if you don’t have anyone with you, just go out and make new friends. Everyone likes to talk to new people and make friendships with them.

Places like GYM, marriages, parties, events, meetups are great to start with.

I used to be a really introverted person. I always hated going to parties, public gatherings, events, and functions. But this changed when I found a need to socialize myself during my recovery period.

Socializing naturally gave me all those dopamine rewards which I used to get only from porn. It felt nice! 

Must Read: How to Quit Porn in Just 30 Days?


NoFap hard mode is probably the best mode to start with. You don’t have to do hard mode for the entire life but instead, you can do it for 90 days and then continue with easy mode.

Hard mode builds a very strong mental foundation that makes your life porn free.

You don’t take any decisions based on sexual preferences. You start to have more mental clarity which helps you make better choices in life.

I’m personally on NoFap hard mode mainly because I am single right now!

And at the end of the day, you need to decide what’s important to you – 5 minutes of pleasure or goals?

That’s it for today’s post! I hope you find it helpful.

Let me know your opinions about NoFap Hard Mode.

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35 thoughts on “NoFap Hard Mode: Gain All the NoFap Benefits 10x Faster!”

  1. Hey! I really like your page.
    I’m doing the Nofap hardmode (abstaining from Pmo, masturbation, and sex) and was wondering about your thoughts on fantasies and the effect on the rebooting time? In the first few days of my Nofap i had a lot of fantasies from pornscenes but now, for the last fifteen days I only fantasies about real experiences I have with girls, and actually the most genuine ones, where they were a lot of emotions involved, etc. I appreciate them when they come and think about them for less than a minute then I move on with whatever I’m doing.

    If I don’t feel they will affect my ability to relapse, would you say they are ok to have? Or should I direct på thoughts against other areas?

    • Hi!
      Fantasies are completely normal during NoFap. And fantasies with real women is a sign of improvement. You are doing a good job. Just make sure that it doesn’t affect your work and life. I hope best for you!

      • Thank you for your reply. Regarding the fantasies i’ve heard many people saying that the brain cannot distinguish between a real pornvideo and a fantasy since they are both using the same “dopamincells”. Can fantasies then make the reboot process slower even if you fantasies about real people (even if “real people” is people you have been intimate with and not just random girls). Do you have any thoughts on this?

      • It’s not a complete loss but it will definitely affect your process. It will not have any major effect on the benefits that you gained so far. But this relapse will increase the urges and it will make it difficult for you to get back on the track again.
        The solution is – Do regular meditation, do exercise, read books, eliminate triggers, and take cold showers where needed.

  2. Thank you for a detailed post!

    I love your point about changing the environment.

    I’d like to expand on that a little bit.

    If you work at home, it’s absolutely critical that you get out of your house for work when you start NoFap.

    Ideally, rent an office or a place in a coworking office.

    Or you can work at a laptop in a public library.

    See, in your home, you have a lot of triggers that activate your urges around PMO.

    The idea is to get rid of as many triggers as possible.

  3. Hi i have completed 7 days on nofap hardmode .actually earlier i relapsed 4 times and now i m on 7 days streak hardmode but im not seeing any benefits till now and i have started showing more anger over minor situatins .please help

    • You might be in your flatline period. But no need to worry about it. Just engage yourself in some sort of healthy activity like exercising, reading, meditating or anything that makes you better. But just avoid porn!

  4. Hello. I’m doing hardmode now 34 days and I haven’t notice any changes. I feel the same way now from when I was PMOing.
    This is my first time doing no fap and I’m not really sure what to make of it.

  5. It is month now I was having thirty thoughts initially due to this my d **k used to get erect lot of times but never ejaculated . but still gets some thoughts when see a hot girl or woman in net only for short time (not deliberate accidentally) I have not done any of these masturbre porn organism . Though it was not very difficult for me as I am not addicted to porn. I was just giving it try.

    My question
    So i have violated one condition of hard mode but still can I consider it for 1 month of hard mode or easy mode completed.

    Pls reply

    • My Condition is same as Yours….

      I am on day 23 of NoFap(Hard Mode)…
      No Masturbation.
      No Porn.
      No Orgasm.
      No Sex.
      No Edging.
      And No Nightfalls so far…

      But Se**ual thoughts(Fantasies) keep popping up in my Head.
      and due to this my d**k gets erected sometimes… But as ‘ManVsFap’ mentioned earlier that thoughts are supernatural and there’s no need to worry….

      So i hope that it will not Violate the rules of HardMode…

      I HOPE SO…

  6. Thanks for this detailed post . I have been porn free for 31 days but last night , after fantasizing about a real girl who I’d love to ask out for a date – I masturbated thinking about her and without using porn . I feel like I’ve made progress since I started on my journey but I also expect a chaser effect and I also intend to use this as a wake up call to become even better – I need to focus more on my dreams and goals and life purpose – which is why I would like to start a No Fap 90 Day Hard Mode challenge . Once again , thanks for this post

  7. Get yourself a penis health creme if you’ve ever wanted to make sure that your penis health is up to par. Seriously! Something awesome knowing about vitamins, amino acids, shea better, etc- keeping your member functioning well!

  8. Awesome article, thanks. If you’re masturbating frequently, I’d make sure that you are hydrating your penis enough!!! Using Man1 Man Oil is a great way to keep your member hydrated and full of vitamins, amino acids, nutrients. Good luck.

  9. today is my 270th day of nofap and i sometimes think that this period of time is enough ,because almost everyone recommends just 90 days without fapping ,
    so do you think i should continue the nofap or quit

  10. Very good and motivating post brother whenever I am not feeling strong or confused I used to come here. Your article are are stress reliefing. Brother there is a app named man don’t fap on playstore u can just type mdf and it is also very motivating app, you can feature it also so people get max help.

  11. Hi fam
    Thanks for this great article
    Am currently in day 20 of hard mode of 90 as my foundation. Presently am battling my flatline although I have read your article of flatline. Pls I need more insight and motivation to overcome it.
    Keep up with the good work.
    I would like to get in touch with you privately through email or WhatsApp.

  12. Why is it that after doing this for about a month I feel absolutely no different, my cognitive abilities are declining rapidly, I feel no motivation to do anything and actually I feel worse than before?

    I’ve felt the benefits before when I’ve done this but this time around I don’t feel anything and is there a particular reason for this?

  13. Hello, I am doing NoFap hardmode, I am on day 17 without ejaculation

    I have had an addiction to PMO, but there have been times in my life where I have full blown paid for sex with escorts (around 6-7 years ago), and sometimes still fantasize about it even though I haven’t gone through with it. I almost slipped up and paid for an escort when I was in Las Vegas 3 weeks ago but luckily it fell though.

    Today I had a slip up where my fantasies and curiosity caused me to go to escort websites and browse, although I didn’t look at fully naked photos and made myself stop looking before I got too deep into it.

    It has still been 17 days without ejaculation and I am worried that I have ruined all my progress and have to start over, it is getting discouraging. Am I going to lose all my benefits of testosterone/confidence boost? I really want to completely reboot and abstain from sex and ejaculation so I can build confidence and attract the woman of my dreams. Please advise.

  14. Today, in two hours will cross the barrier of 30 days à la hardmode. Since about five or six days l am noticing women look at me much more. I combine nofap with intermitent fasting, soon will start working out again… the thing is i am totally broke and need to find a job. But doing semen retention keeps me on the tracks. Cheers

  15. Thanks so much. I tried with my own process the last time and I reached 240 days that’s the largest period of my life without Fap and i was in 2016. After that I had difficulties with my girl friend and I failed again. Up to now difficulties with my direct me to Fab two days ago. I want to use this process to change forever. Thank you.
    I’ll like to tell you my joy in the next 88 days.

  16. i have the worst penis itch dudes and nothing helps more than applying a layer of man1 man oil. seriously works. just keeps it hydrated and has vitamins and stuff so it’s just a nice way to keep things fresh. cheers.

  17. oh interesting. appreciate all of the information– getting things done faster can really be nice as it’s like, a rocket launcher! also- guys, why are we still struggling with a horribly irritated and not smelling good penis? do yourselves a favor and try to get a bottle of Man1 Man Oil. take care.

  18. Friends- good luck with this- quitting is hard but it’s worth it. Solo sessions are damaging- and ya’ll need help in this area like most guys, use an antibacterial penis care product like Man1 Man Oil once a day. Specific ingredients in the formula work to help the skin maintain silky smoothness.


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