The Ultimate NoFap Relapse Guide: Never Relapse Again!

avoiding nofap relapse
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So you just relapsed!

Sitting in your room, scratching your head out of frustration and disappointment.

You are putting in all the effort but still not getting the desired results. And this is not the first time you have relapsed.

You probably have relapsed multiple times throughout your NoFap journey. And like every other time, you tell yourself – This is going to be the last time I’m relapsing!

But the cycle keeps repeating and never ends.

If that’s your situation then don’t worry because I know what to do. And that’s what I am going to exactly share in today’s post.

Today, I’ll be sharing with guys a new perspective about what is relapse and how to recover from a relapse.

Also at the end of this post, I’ll be sharing the 6 best actionable strategies you can implement to NEVER RELAPSE AGAIN.

This is going to the Ultimate NoFap Relapse Guide which will cover everything you need to know about it.

So let’s dive right in!

nofap relapse

What is a Relapse during NoFap?

A relapse is when you lose faith in NoFap and return to your old bad habit of PMO after a period of improvement.

Relapse is when you completely break your abstinence and intentionally do PMO (porn, masturbation, and orgasm in that particular order).

Relapse is something that is going to happen. It’s a fact. You can’t reach 90 days milestone without been relapsed. So there is no reason to punish yourself if you’ve relapsed.

It’s very common to relapse for the first or second time or maybe even multiple times. You just have to keep up. Learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them.

What is considered a NoFap Relapse?

NoFap is a big community consisting of millions of guys (and some girls). So there are plenty of opinions on what is considered as relapse and what is not.

For some people, watching porn is considered a relapse while for some only masturbation.

But in my opinion, even watching porn is too dangerous and it can definitely cause a relapse. But in theory, it’s not considered a relapse.

Relapse is when you completely return your old bad habit of PMO. So when you intentionally watch porn, then masturbate and do orgasm, it is considered as a relapse.

That’s when you can completely reset your NoFap tracker and start from day 0. However, that doesn’t mean you are allowed to watch porn and do edging during NoFap.

Doing that will make you even worse and will only lead to a relapse.

Sometimes you may accidentally watch porn. But if you are able to bring yourself back on track without actually doing PMO, it is not considered a relapse.

Relapse is considered different in NoFap hard mode. Even lusting or watching porn is a relapse in this mode.

You can read this article about NoFap hard mode to know more about it.

How NoFap flatline can lead you to relapse?

nofap relapse

Flatline is a period of NoFap when you will have extremely low or non-existent libido. This usually happens between day 20-40 and depends upon how much you were addicted to porn.

Most of the guys get scared during this period thinking that their libido is permanently gone. So to test themselves, they try to watch porn to see if they can get hard. And that’s when they end up relapsing.

But in reality, it’s not something you should be worried about. It’s a completely normal process. It’s just a sign that your brain is healing from excessive use of pornography and sexual simulation.

You have to be very conscious and need to engage your time wisely during this period.

You can read this in-depth article about NoFap flatline to know everything about it.

What is a Binge Relapse?

Binge relapse is when you relapse multiple times throughout the day for weeks or even months. This is like a loop of relapses that can last for a long time.

You keep relapsing during this period without any limitation and self-awareness.

Binge relapse is the most dangerous among all relapses. It literally destroys all your NoFap progress.

So basically when you relapse, there a high tendency to relapse again. Because it re-opens the old addictive pathways which are extremely porn addictive. So these pathways can make you more addicted to PMO and force you to do it repetitively.

It’s an extremely dangerous trap that you don’t want to fall into. Because once you fall in it, it will be extremely difficult to get back on track.

I highly recommend taking a cold shower after a relapse. This decreases the chances of a binge relapse

How far back does a Relapse put you?

nofap relapse motivation

When you used to watch porn, your brain was bombarded with heavy hits of dopamine and stimulations. Now that you have stopped watching porn and gave up all those simulations, your brain is healing itself.

And to be honest, your brain needs a good amount of time to heal itself. So any sexual stimulation would affect the healing process and may delay the reboot.

That’s why you are recommended to completely abstain from all sorts of sexual activities for the first 90 days.

Any sexual stimulation can re-open the old addictive pathways. That makes you more addicted to porn and requires a lot of time to heal.

So yes, it does put you a little back from the reboot.

However, if you have relapsed accidentally, you shouldn’t demotivate yourself. Instead, this might put you in a binge relapse.

A relapse does not mean a complete reset. You just have to work a little harder after every relapse.

Can you Relapse after 30 days of NoFap?

Yes, you can relapse even after 30 days of NoFap. It does matter how much progress you made throughout your NoFap journey, you can relapse at any given period.

So you may relapse during the first 7 days or even after 90 days of NoFap. It depends upon your self-control and habits.

I have relapsed on day 105, so it doesn’t matter how much you have gone far. You can fall at any given moment and it can be difficult to get back again.

What about Wet dreams during NoFap?

nofap wet dreams

This is probably the most asked question across the NoFap community. Most guys believe that a wet dream is considered a NoFap relapse. And they think that it hurts their NoFap progress.

But the truth is – Wet dream is not considered a NoFap relapse and it doesn’t hurt your NoFap progress in any given way.

It’s supernormal and even I’ve had a lot of wet dreams during my NoFap strikes. It usually happens when you abstain from PMO and also fades away with time.

Before starting NoFap, your body used to create a lot of semen all the time since you were excessively ejaculating. Now that you stopped ejaculating, a lot of semen in been saved and stored.

So your body has to throw out that extra semen in some sort of way. And wet dreams are the only way to do it.

And to be honest, your brain is still addicted to porn and sex. That’s why you get a lot of lustful dreams and experience semen leakage while sleeping.

How to avoid a relapse during NoFap?

avoiding nofap relapse

This is the most important part of this whole blog post. If you skip it, you’re going to miss a lot. But if you read it, I can assure you will never relapse again.

It will also help you get back on track after a relapse. So make sure you read all the tips.

1. Stop thinking about it

nofap relapse

One of the worst things to do after a relapse is to constantly think about it and blame yourself. It’s just not going to get you anywhere.

The more you blame yourself, the more you will increase the chances of a binge relapse. So there’s is no logical reason to think about it and try to demotivate yourself.

Unfortunately, a lot of people feel guilty, ashamed, and lost after a relapse. This is what loses their faith in NoFap and they struggle to get back on track. And they basically get into a binge relapse.

But in reality, relapse is not something to feel guilty about or feel ashamed of.

It’s just a part of the journey. It’s going to happen and it’s basically inevitable. You have to admit that and move forward in your life.

You have to be persistent, no matter how much things get worse. You have to get up and face your problems.

So just stop thinking about the relapse and start thinking about improving yourself.

2. Identify and Eliminate your triggers

nofap relapse

Triggers are basically thoughts, actions, places, and even apps that generate the feeling of lust. Then that lust starts to begin things in your brain and you eventually find yourself beating your meat.

Triggers are powerful enough to control your mind and force you to break your strike. The only way to avoid them is to identify and eliminate them.

So think about the things that get you triggered. Things that generate lust and make you watch porn. And things that remind you about PMO.

For me, Instagram is one of my biggest triggers. Whenever I see those hot girls on Instagram, I get triggered. And then get into the process of relapsing.

So that’s one of my triggers. I also get triggered on Netflix and YouTube.

So what I do is, basically try to eliminate them. I unfollowed all the girls on Instagram who show cleavages and all. I turned on the restricted mode on YouTube and completely deleted Netflix.

This is what you want to do. First Identify your potential triggers and then find ways to eliminate them.

Eliminating all your triggers can help you avoid a relapse.

3. Write down why you started NoFap

write down

NoFap gives you a bunch of benefits whether that be increased motivation, increased confidence, increased self-esteem, increased testosterone level, increased mental clarity, and many more.

So there can be millions of reasons to start NoFap. And it can be anything from improving your life to accomplishing your goals. And to be honest, we all have some sort of reason to start NoFap.

That’s what you need to identify.

Start asking yourself questions like why am I doing NoFap in the first place? what made me join the NoFap movement? or what I want to accomplish in life?

Whether you want to create wealth, attract girls, or achieve anything in life, NoFap can help you with that.

So make NoFap a way to achieve that dream.

For example, my dream is to create helpful websites. So for that, I need mental clarity, more energy, more focus, and more sexual energy. And NoFap can give me all of that.

Once you have a definite goal and a reason to start NoFap, you have to write it down on a piece of paper. Then stick that paper somewhere you can see and read it daily.

And whenever you feel like you’re about to relapse, get that paper and read those lines. This will completely change the equations and will motivate the hell out of you.

It will give you a reason to stop yourself from watching porn and fapping.

4. Get up and do something else


We are humans. We have the ability to control our thoughts and actions. We can divert our mind from negative thoughts and shift them towards positive ones.

So the moment you feel that urge, you need to GET UP and start doing something else. You just have to leave the place where you got that urge and start doing something rather than just lusting.

You can start running outside the house, you can start exercising, eating food, or anything that distracts your mind from the thought of porn.

It works like this:

So whenever the urge hits you, just count 1, 2, 3 and get up, leave that place and start doing something else.

This will help you divert your mind from those urges and prevent the chances of relapsing.

But when you do this, just make sure you stay away from your computer, smartphone, and anything on which you watch porn.

5. Make it harder to relapse

One of the proven ways to eliminate a problem is to make it harder to achieve. And that works best in any given situation.

You need to make a relapse so much harder, that achieving it becomes nearly impossible.

You can to that in a lot of ways.

One of the best ways to do that is by completely blocking porn on all your devices. You can do that using screen accountability software.

Screen Accountability software is a computer program that runs in the background of your device. It blocks all sites that are considered to be pornographic.

It monitors your screen activity and sends a weekly report of it to the person of your choosing.

That person can be your friend, mentor, father, mother, siblings, or anyone who can help you during hard times.

There are dozens of screen accountability software in the market, but the one that helped me break my relapse cycle is Covenant Eyes.

With Covenant Eyes, you can completely block all kinds of porn sites. It works on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac OS. And it’s free for 30-days.

You can read more Covenant Eyes in this in-depth review.

6. Take Cold Showers

nofap urges

This is the best thing you can do whenever you feel that extreme urge to watch porn and masturbate. It’s amazingly powerful enough to take you out of that feeling of watching porn and prevent a relapse.

Cold showers have been there for ages. It’s an ancient remedy that people mainly used to make themselves alert and get out of their comfort zone.

And it’s not just for that. It has tons of benefits like it increases testosterone level, improves fertility, improves skin, builds strong will power, and many more.

So the rule is simple. Whenever you feel that extreme urge to watching porn, relapsing, or maybe feeling like quitting, just go to your bathroom and take a cold shower.

By doing this, you will feel magical, you will feel freedom and you will get out of your comfort zone. And most importantly, it will prevent a relapse.


Avoiding relapse is all about doing the right things at the right time. It’s all about how you distract your mind from porn and masturbation.

It’s also about shifting your thoughts towards positive things. If you honestly follow all the tips mentioned above, you will be able to prevent relapse and make your life porn free.

You need patience and persistence to break your relapse cycle. And even if you fail for some reason, don’t quit.

Just keep your strike up and running. And one day, you will be able to break your porn addiction.

Till then take care!

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24 thoughts on “The Ultimate NoFap Relapse Guide: Never Relapse Again!”

  1. Bro pls help me with this…i m doing masturbation for porn(softcore)for 10 years…i feel that i have ED.i dont know wether it is ED or PIED.i googled this n i felt it as PIED.i am going to marry a princess in 6 i decided to start no fap and abstained from porn,masturbation and orgasm for 14 days till today….i am texting my girl daily most the times.its a normal love(caring) chat..i got some erections when i do love chat with her.we are not doing sexual day 14 i feel like i have flatline(feel no interest n i feel no erection).and i feel like chatting with her wil consider as relapse or not.or i actually in flatline period.i m confused. pls give me suggestion.

    • Hi Mangal, Good to see that you completed 14 days in your nofap journey…I would suggest you minimise the chat for at least 30-40 days and when you are chatting you can go out, be between people and do the chat…If you are in the bed and always thinking about her that could lead to sometimes edging and then relapse….Secondly as you have been involved in PMO for so many years, it will take time for your brain to complete reboot (at least 90 days)…The symptoms which you are facing are withdrawal symptoms as your brain is undergoing a reboot…as I said give your brain at least 30-40 days more and get involved in other activities…You will start feeling the difference:)

    • Nope..You can consider 8-10 days behind…You don’t lose all the benefits at once as you have built up the benefits over a period of time just like going to gym or learning a programming language…But yes if you relapse consistently after every 2-3 days for a couple of weeks then you will be back to square one…So you should keep continuing the journey even after the relapse with positive mindset (everything is in the head) and avoid making those mistakes which made you relapsed

  2. Bro,you are great.Your articles are helpful.Man keep it up and help those people who are in huge trouble of pmo.One thing more do you have a support group for nofappers?.May god bless you.

  3. I love you bro this was inspirational. The piece on writing out the why seems like a major motivator. that and throwing cold water on your face.

  4. Hi, that is an excellent article. I am on 29th day of nofap and I was having this sudden urge to relapse and I didn’t have any motivation. After reading this I feel good and I am looking forward to extending this streak.

  5. I actually watched a couple of nude scenes in a TV show and I leaked . I didn’t touch my pens it just happens when I watch something explicit . So , is it considered a relapse ?

  6. Wow ,kudos to your words and the time and energy that you invested for this article, I started my journey 6months back but replased multiple times in the past 5months after evry 15,20,7,18,3 days in evry journey ..after reading this I got like motivated all over again..I’m on day5 again .thank you

  7. uhh… dont know how to put this but uh i started pretty like
    idk hardcore… BUT i used to cheat on myself
    i started last year somwhere near july and august. but i used to watch porn whatsoever, i used to edge and tell myself that if u dont ejaculate u dont relapse…
    so after 150 days of doing this
    i decided that i need to do a fresh start… so i RELAPSED this time
    and started again
    now after 150 days, my mind was already storing so much lust inside, so i started ejaculating by rubbing on objects which did not hurt. i again cheated on myself saying that i aint using my hands… but then after 5-6 days of alternating relapses… i almost cried and thought to myself… wtf am i doing to myself, and i realised that i was missing out on motivation to nofap. i had only read before about it, so this time i watched people’s vids who shared their xps.
    then i started fresh AGAIN..and felt a LOT better than i had ever in those 150 days. i started interacting more with people and like all of the stuff they say on nofap. Then i had my wet dream after 30 days… and maaannn, that day was completely off for me..
    after that i think everyday, in the morning period, i used to be erect like most of the time without any reason…
    today after 40 days, i relapsed again. now i am reading this, and lets see how this try goes.. just putting this out there so people can read and not feel like they are the only ones out there who have relapsed multiple times. i am gonna have my final xams of class 12 in bout a month from now. hope i can do well.
    wish me luck guys! : )
    All the best to anyone who is trying to nofap. Goodbye and take care!!

  8. love this. such important info- and making certain that you distract yourself is the best way to do anything. cheers to ya’ll. for anyone wanting their hygiene to be bettered, you need to get things in tip top shape, no pun intended, by using a penis care product. man1 man oil is the best one out there.

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