NoFap Urges: 7 Killer Ways To Deal With Urges

The most difficult part of NoFap is controlling sexual urges. All your motivation, will power, and knowledge is destroyed when the urge hits you.

The urge to Watch Porn, urge to relapse or urge to edge is extremely difficult to control. That’s why so many people fail to deal with it and end up relapsing.

I can’t even remember how many times I have failed to deal with my sexual urges and ended up relapsing. But from each failure, I have learned lots of things that ACTUALLY helped me to control my urges and quit porn forever.

Failure is the stepping stone of success. Failure can be a great teacher and can teach you a lot of important lessons. For me, each failure was a step towards porn free life because I learned a lot of things from it.

So today in this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you guys 7 Killer ways to control and deal with NoFap Urges including a tool that will help you reach 90+ days on NoFap.

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But before we dive into this post, I want to clarify some things.

Sexual Urges are essential in your life. They might be less after quitting Porn and Masturbation. But they will be there with you as long as you live.

So this blog post will not teach you how to completely STOP sexual urges rather it will teach you how to control and deal with them.

And Even if you fail to deal with the urge and ended up relapsing, don’t let yourself be depressed. Just learn from that failure and do not try to make it happen again. 

7 Killer Ways To Deal With NoFap Urges:

1. Unfollow all the Female Instagram Models

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Believe it or not, Instagram is everywhere. You use it, your friends use it and even models use it.

These Instagram models post semi-naked photos of themselves trying to gain followers. And if you look at their profiles, 90% of the content is sexually provoking.

This makes your brain crave more sexual content and that’s how you end up watching porn.

It works like a trigger that triggers your mind to do these things.

The best way to avoid this is to simply unfollow all the female or male models that post semi-naked or sexual photos.

And this applies to every app or website that you frequently visit. It can be YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, etc. Just try to avoid content that provokes you to watch porn and masturbate.

Because the more you will consume such content, the more your brain will demand porn.

2. Get up and do something else!

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We are humans. We have the ability to control our thoughts and actions. We can divert our mind from negative thoughts and shift them towards positive ones.

So the moment you feel that urge, you need to GET UP and start doing something else. You just have to leave the place where you got that urge and start doing something rather than just lusting.

You can start running outside the house, you can start exercising, eating food or anything that distracts your mind from the thought of porn.

It works like this:

So whenever the urge hits you, just count 1, 2, 3 and get up, leave that place and start doing something else.

This will help you divert your mind from those urges and prevent the chances of relapsing.

But when you do this, just make sure you stay away from your computer, smartphone, and anything on which you watch porn.

3. Block Porn using a screen accountability software

The tool that I am about to share with you guys is the one that helped me reach around 90+ days during my NoFap journey.

If you use this tool, I promise you’re not going to watch any porn again throughout your life.

So, What’s the tool?

You already know – it’s screen accountability software. 

Screen Accountability Software is a computer program that runs in the background of your device. It blocks all sites that are considered to be pornographic.

It monitors your screen activity and sends a weekly report of it to the person of your choosing.

That person can be your friend, mentor, father, mother, siblings or anyone who can help you during hard times. This is a great tool for quitting porn addiction and decreasing your sexual urges.

There are dozens of screen accountability software in the market, but the one I personally use and recommend is the Covenant Eyes Screen Accountability software.

Covenant Eyes breaks the addiction cycle by blocking porn from all your devices and helps you quit porn in just 30 days.

4. Take A Cold Shower

cold shower

This is the best thing you can do whenever you feel that extreme urge to watch porn and masturbate.

I have used this trick for like thousands of times when I was about to relapse. And every single time, it helped me from falling.

So the rule is simple. Whenever you feel that extreme urge of watching porn, relapsing or maybe feeling like quitting, just go to your bathroom, then get your cloth off and start the shower.

Just make sure it’s cold and you do that until you feel calm. This gives your body a little shock that will put you in a good state of mind.

By doing this, you will feel magical, you will feel freedom and you will get out of your comfort zone.

I highly recommend cold showers to anyone struggling with extreme sexual urges and it also has a bunch of other benefits which I have mentioned in this Infographic.

5.Think about benefits

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Just for a second, think about NoFap benefits. Abstaining from PMO has a lot of benefits.

For Instance, increase in Testosterone level, endless motivation, increased energy, more attraction from girls, high productivity and even more. Imagine if you could gain all of them.

But you can only gain such benefits if you can CONTROL YOUR URGES and Do not do PMO. So the moment Urge hits you, just think about the benefits and motivate yourself.

Think about your dreams, your ambition, your goals, and your family – this will instantly stop the urge.

You can try it for yourself because it worked for me and it will work for you too. So, don’t let your dreams be dreams.

6.Think About Side effects


Just like benefits, think about the side effects of watching porn and masturbation in your life.

Porn can completely destroy your life. It’s as dangerous as taking Heroin drug. Porn changes the very structure of your brain according to Dr.Lawrence V. Tucker appearing in Conquer Series.

brain on porn
Images courtesy of Dr. Lawrence V. Tucker, PLLC, Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and appearing in the Conquer Series

For instance, porn has side effects like it creates tension in relationships, it harms sexual performance, it complete separates love from sex, it can cause erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and much more.

Now, think how much time you wasted watching porn so far?

So STOP RIGHT NOW and try to control the urges to avoid all those negative impacts.

Thinking about the side effects whenever the urge hits you, will scare you about porn and will prevent you from doing PMO.

7. Write Down why you Started NoFap

write down

Everything in life has a purpose and starting NoFap also has some sort of purpose.

It may vary from person to person but it has some meaning. And you might also have some purpose of starting NoFap and quitting porn.

Maybe you want to live healthy in life without any addiction or maybe you achieve some sort of goal in life.

Whatever the purpose is, you need to write it down on a piece of paper. Simply write down why you started NoFap at first place in 1 or 2 lines.

And whenever the urge hits you, take that paper out and read the purpose which you wrote while ago. This will motivate you to the next level and you will forget about the urge and porn.

But just make sure you don’t throw off that paper.

Closing Statement

Sexual urge is not a bad thing. It’s just a form of energy that you need to use wisely.

Instead of wasting it on meaningless things, you should shift that energy on useful things like learning a new skill, finding new hobbies, exercising, singing, reading books, meditating, etc.

You should also have some sort of goal in your life that will give you a reason not to watch porn and waste time on it. So be passionate and follow your dreams.

And try to eliminate all triggers around you and from your devices. Because the more you feed to your brain, the more it will demand.

And if nothing works, take a cold shower!



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