Tools And Resources

Best Books

Best Android Apps

  • Reboot – This app provides you a solid structure for your reboot journey to help you quit porn addiction. It’s also available for iOS devices.
  • Stop M – Provides you with a bunch of daily NoFap motivation to keep you on track.
  • Fortify – My favorite app for helping me to Quit Porn and it has the best UI.

Best Infographics you must see

Best Porn Addiction Test

  1. Porn Addiction Quiz –  a simple quiz that helps you identify how much you’re addicted to porn.
  2. is one the best website you can use to find out if you are addicted to porn or not by simply answering a couple of questions.

Best Websites/Blogs

Best YouTube Channels

Best NoFap Tracker

  • Fapwatch – Best App to track your progress of NoFap. Using it since day 1!
  • NoFap Tracker – This is the official NoFap tracker which can be synced with your Reddit account to display the progress on your profile.

Best Articles I have ever read

Best Videos I have seen so far

Quitting porn was not easy. It was a journey, full of obstacles and failures. With each failure, I learnt a lot of useful things.

Also, I came across various different resources that helped me, motivated me and guided me toward my goals.

So, today, I want to share those AWESOME and EXCLUSIVE resources that I found during my NoFap journey.

I hope this helps you too!