Tools And Resources

Quitting porn was not easy. It was a journey, full of obstacles and failures. With each failure, I learnt a lot of useful things.

Also, I came across various different resources that helped me, motivated me and guided me toward my goals.

So, today, I want to share those AWESOME and EXCLUSIVE resources that I found during my NoFap journey.

I hope this helps you too!

Best Books

A World Without Porn eBook

The Ultimate Manual For Beating Porn and Masturbation Addiction


Best Infographics you must see

Best Porn Addiction Test

  • is one the best website you can use to find out if you are addicted to porn or not by simply answering a couple of questions.

Best Websites/Blogs

Best YouTube Channels

Best NoFap Tracker

  • Fapwatch – Best App to track your progress of NoFap. Using it since day 1!
  • NoFap Tracker – This is the official NoFap tracker which can be synced with your Reddit account to display the progress on your profile.

Best Android Apps

  • Reboot – This app tells you how much you are addicted to Porn and according to that it provides a plan to quit Porn.
  • Stop M – Provides you with a bunch of daily NoFap motivation to keep you on track.
  • Fortify – My favorite app for helping me to Quit Porn and it has the best UI.

Best Articles I have ever read

Best Videos I have seen so far