How this tool helped me Reach 90+ Days on NoFap!

Reaching 90 days on NoFap is the dream of every fellow faptronaut. It’s like an achievement in the NoFap game.

Your brain goes for a complete reboot after 90 days which gives you all those benefits of NoFap.

However, only 3% of guys who start NoFap, reaches 90 days milestone. That means, 97% of guys never reach near to 90 days.

This mainly happens due to the lack of self-discipline and restrictions.

Just remember your last relapse. What exactly made you relapse?

I’ll tell you…….

You got that extreme urge and simply went to your favorite porn site. That’s it!

No restrictions at all. No one was stopping you from watching porn. You were basically free to watch porn.

That’s why so many guys fail to reach 90 days on NoFap.

But don’t worry because today I will be sharing with you guys a revolutionary tool that will help you reach 90+ days on NoFap without any efforts.

So let’s dive right in!

Which tool helped me reach 90+ days on NoFap?

The tool that helped me reach 90+ days on NoFap is Covenant Eyes screen accountability software. You might have heard me talking a lot about this software since it’s that great.

Covenant Eyes literally does 80% hard work for you when it comes to quitting porn. You just have to signup for Covenant Eyes, download the software, enable the filtering & screen monitoring feature and you are good to go.

It will completely block all sorts of pornographic content from your android phone, iPhone or computer. It helped me drastically reduce my temptation to watch porn.

All the features that Covenant Eyes provide are designed to make you quit porn forever.

What is Covenant Eyes?

Covenant Eyes is a screen accountability software that runs in the background of your device. Every single minute, the software captures a screenshot which is sent to the algorithm that detects whether the content is pornographic or not.

If it is, the screenshot is blurred for privacy and sent to the person of your choosing by the software. That person can be your friend, partner, parents or anyone whom you trust the most.

The best part about this software is that it works via content on the screen rather than browser-based URLs. This means it won’t slow down your browser, will work through any app, and even will work offline.

Covenant Eyes also comes with a filtering feature that allows you to block all kinds of pornographic sites.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices.

You can read more about What is Covenant Eyes, how it works and all features in this detailed review.

How Covenant Eyes helped me reach 90+ days on NoFap?

I was 12, the first time I watched porn. It was a totally different experience for me as a 12-year kid. It was extremely addictive.

I got into a loop of watching porn. And that made me a porn addict.

It was a bit okay at first. But I started to feel the negative effects of porn as I was growing up.

I was an extremely shy kid, had poor health, couldn’t talk to girls, avoided social situations and stressed a lot. These problems started to increase and almost ruined my teenage.

I was feeling lost and hopeless.


But in 2019 out of nowhere, I saw an amazing video about NoFap and it’s benefits. I was amazed by the concept of NoFap and how it helped thousands of guys.

I went on deep research – Read a lot of articles, watched a lot of videos and also read a lot of forums.

This helped me understand why porn is harmful and the benefits of NoFap. So it took me exactly 7 years to figure out that porn is harmful and I should probably quit it.

So like every other excited guy on the planet, I began the NoFap challenge without any plan.

And guess what? I relapse on day 7. Then started again, failed multiple times and then started again. This loop went on for several months until I realized my mistake.

I found out that, the reason for my every relapse was “Easy Access to Porn”. I was basically free to watch porn without any restrictions or limitations.

That made me watch porn without any fear or difficulty. It was extremely easy for me to access porn sites. And whenever I used to get sexual urges, I used to go in a mindset of fapper.

In that mindset, you don’t have control over yourself. You just want to watch porn and ejaculate. You just can’t stop yourself because your brain is forcing you to watch porn.

That’s why I relapse so easily. There should be a barrier between me and porn that could stop me in such extreme conditions.

So I told myself that I going to do something about it. That’s when I went on a search for a tool or software that could stop me from watching porn.

And I found Covenant Eyes screen accountability software.

new hope

First I was kind of skeptical about this software. But then I read a lot of reviews about it and then decided to give it a shot.

So I signed up for the free trial and started using Covenant Eyes. I installed it on pretty much all of my devices.

Then I enabled the filtering and accountability feature. I added one of my friends as an accountability partner and asked him to change the password.

I also told him never to tell me that password so I won’t be able to uninstall this software. Because without a password, you can’t get the uninstall code and without that code, you can’t uninstall Covenant Eyes from your devices.

This locked me in a situation where watching porn became extremely difficult for me. And almost impossible.

And that did help me in real life. Whenever I tried to watch porn, Covenant Eyes stopped me and avoid a relapse.

This helped me reach 90+ days on NoFap in the first attempt. I also did NoFap hard mode for like 4 months.

And now it’s been almost a year that I haven’t watched a single porn video. All credit goes to Covenant Eyes.

Now I feel confident, calm, happy and more strong mentally. And yes, I did experience all those NoFap benefits.

How this software will help you reach 90+ days on NoFap?

porn free

As I told you guys, Covenant Eyes helped me in a lot of ways. It helped me reduce the temptation to watch porn through its filtering feature.

It also built a strong relationship between me and my friend through its accountability feature. Because of it, I had lots of meaningful conversations with my friend during hard times.

These are the most important features that will help you reach 90+ days on NoFap.

First of all, you should read this detailed review of Covenant Eyes and know more about this software. Then you can signup for the 30 days FREE trial and test drive this software.

Then install it on all your devices – Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Windows.

The filtering feature will completely block all porn sites and will stop you from watching porn in extreme conditions. The accountability feature will help you build the support system need for porn addiction recovery.

Covenant Eyes will definitely help you reach 90+ days on NoFap. You must try it once.

But before that, you can read this review of Covenant Eyes to know how it works in detail.

How Covenant Eyes is different from other free blockers?

One of the main questions that might be popping into your head is how Covenant Eyes is different from other free or paid blockers.

The answer is – Its ability to completely block porn and not being able to unblock it easily.

So if you wished to uninstall Covenant Eyes from your device, you need to get the uninstall code from the account settings. You just can’t uninstall it straight away unlike any other blocker.

PRO TIP: You can ask one of your trusted friends to be your accountability partner. Then tell him/her to change the password for you and not to tell you. In this way, you will have no way to uninstall this software and unblock the porn.

That makes it so different from other blockers.

You can read more about Covenant Eyes and its features in this detailed review.

It’s FREE for 30 days!

Here’s the good news for you:

Being a ManVsFap reader, you get an EXCLUSIVE 30 Days FREE Trial of Covenant Eyes which you can’t find elsewhere. Not even on the Covenant Eyes website.

So you get to try the Covenant Eyes free for 30 days without any money. You can test-drive all the features of Covenant Eyes completely free for 30 days.

And cancel your membership at any moment, if you don’t like this software.

But first, you should read this detailed review of Covenant Eyes and then signup for it. This will give you a better idea about this software and how to exactly use it in real life.

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